Security parliamentary reveal terrorist plot targeting Baghdad in the coming days

Security parliamentary reveal terrorist plot targeting Baghdad in the coming days

17:35 2013-03-23

Follow-up – and babysit – A member of the security and defense committee of quitting parliamentary scheme to the al-Qaeda terrorist targets Baghdad in the next few days.
Said Zamili Saturday that “Al-Qaeda start preparing for terrorist attacks similar to the attacks by a few days ago on the areas of Baghdad, which claimed the lives of dozens of innocent citizens”, adding that “these attacks are prepared under the preoccupation of the security services to protect protesters concurrent with near provincial elections. ”

He added that “there to al-Qaida camps in the area of the rock cliff north of Hilla, as well as desert areas between Samarra and Salahaddin.”

He said the “attacks is the terrorists targeting Iraqi universities and a number of important ministries.”

He stressed that “voltage intelligence remains weak and there is no good control of the regions that contain al-Qaeda camps and the process of keeping the borders are not at the required level,” explaining that “there are a number of officers are corrupt and venal borders with Syria collaborators with armed groups that are smuggling weapons between Iraq and Syria “.

He called on the security agencies to “take caution in anticipation of terrorist attacks against innocent and carry out proactive and Mdamhh areas embodied in the terrorist elements.”

He pointed out that “keep some military commanders who are not at the level required to make terrorism gripping things and take the initiative to launch attacks and the targeting of innocent citizens.”

And woke up capital Baghdad Tuesday on a series of bombings in most areas where revenues hit bombings Kadhimiya injury {10} civilians various injuries while the outcome of bombings area Alexandria killing two civilians and wounding {4} wounded also saw the Husseiniya terrorist bombing Sarah bomb hit revenues 4 Martyrs and 4 wounded, mostly civilians.

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