Reducing the price of crude oil will enable Iraq to Iraqi control on Asian markets

Furat al-Shara: reducing the price of crude oil will enable Iraq to Iraqi control on Asian markets

22-03-2013 02:35 PM

Baghdad (news) .. Praised a member of the Oil and Energy Committee MP / National Alliance / Furat al-Shara, the orientation of the Oil Ministry to reduce the price of Iraqi crude oil compared for Saudi crude because it will enable Iraq to export large quantities of oil to Asian countries. Shara said (of the Agency news): The amount of Reserve that Iraq possessed of wealth hydrocarbon of oil and gas a very large proportion of the region and the world and perhaps be the second largest in the world. added: that the country needed urgent projects of construction and reconstruction for the advancement of structures infrastructure in various sectors in all provinces of the country, have pushed Iraq toward the development of its oil sector of hand extraction and export, he right of all countries in the region to issue enough oil and within equation certain internationally agreed. explained: that equation says ‘that the population and the ability of extraction and the amount of oil reserves controlled by quantity exported oil’, so the Iraq allows him Export What he wants from oil, according to pricing as it deems appropriate, noting that directed the Ministry of Oil to reduce the price of oil will enable Iraq to control the Asian markets in terms of oil exports. / end / 8.. /