Israel recognizes it is seeking “to divide” Iraq and the support of the Kurds with heavy weapons in order to establish a Kurdish state

Israel recognizes it is seeking “to divide” Iraq and the support of the Kurds with heavy weapons in order to establish a Kurdish state

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Follow-up – and babysit – confirmed Security Minister former Israeli “Avi Dichter,” that the goal of Israel’s strategic is not to allow Iraq to return to the practice of the role of Arab and regional, noting that Iraq faded as a military and as a country united even neutralized by devoting conditions present form strategic importance to the security of the Zionist.
And said Dykter in a lecture he delivered at a strategic research centers and read the newspaper quoted “Djiorzaleom Post” local we have achieved in Iraq more Mmajttna him and we expected.

The text of his lecture as follows:

Text of the lecture:

One can not deny that we have achieved a lot of goals in this arena and even more than we planned it and we have prepared in this regard .. Must evoke what we want to do and accomplish in Iraq since the beginning of our involvement in the Iraqi situation since the beginning of the seventies of the twentieth century, most of the height of these goals is to support the Kurds because they are an ethnic group oppressed have the right to decide its fate to enjoy freedom like any other people in the beginning it was planners in the state, led by Uri Ibrana former advisor to the Prime Minister and our ambassador in Turkey, Ethiopia has set the framework and content of Israeli support for the Kurds .. This support was initially modest, political support and raise the issue of the Kurds and the raised pulpit.

Kurds could not that Atoloha in the United States and in Europe and even within some countries in Europe .. Material support was also limited but .. Significant shift began in 1972 .. This support took the other dimensions of security, the supply of weapons to the Kurds across Turkey and receive Kurdish groups to receive training in Israel but also in Turkey .. So this became support engine for the development of the level of strategic relations between Israel and the Kurds, and was expected to have important consequences for the fact that Iran Shah and Iraq reached a deal in Algeria in 1975, this transaction and dealt a heavy blow to the ambitious Kurdish, but according to testimony leadership Israeli remained on relationship Kurdish leader Mustafa Barzani.

Kurds did not have a well-founded despair, on the contrary, have been more determined to continue their struggle against authority in Baghdad .. After the collapse of the Kurdish resistance as a result of an agreement with Iran were distributed among their leaders to Turkey, Syria and Israel .. Israel and from a moral and ethical obligation was their duty to remain alongside the Kurds and take into their own hands to be informed the national goal they set, achieve self-rule in the first phase and the phase expeditious independence after that .. I will be very brief in my past, should be placed myself to that what has been achieved in Iraq, than strategic mind was imagined.

Now in Iraq Kurdish state already, this state has all the elements of a state land people of the State and authority, army and economy yield oil and promising, this state looks to be its borders is not within the Kurdistan region, but included northern Iraq as a whole, the city of Kirkuk in the first phase and then Mosul and perhaps to the province Salahuddin along Jalawla and Khanaqin .. Kurds by what we saw during meetings with Israeli officials do not claim appropriate without commend us and said support and appreciate the attitudes and the victory they have achieved in Iraq exceeded their ability to absorb and for us were not our go beyond supporting the national project Kurdish produces Kurdish entity or a Kurdish state.

Did not generate Bkhaldna moment to be realized at once set goals as a result of the war waged by the United States and resulted in the occupation .. Iraq, which has been in our strategic perspective the most serious strategic challenge after turning into a formidable military force, suddenly Iraq fading as a state and as a military force, but as one united country, Iraq is divided geographically and demographically divided and saw a brutal civil war and the devastating claimed the lives of a few hundred thousands. If we spotted the situation in Iraq since 2003, we find ourselves in front of more of the scene:

1. Iraq is divided on the ground into three entities or regions despite the presence of a central government.

2. Iraq is still vulnerable to the outbreak of new rounds of war and internal strife between Shiites and Sunnis and between Arabs and Kurds.

3. Iraq makes excuses based on security, political and economic will recover and put it before 2003.

We were not far from developments over this area since 2003, our strategic goal is still not to allow this country to return to the practice of Arab and regional role because we are the first affected .. Will continue our struggle active in this arena as long as the American forces, which provide us with an umbrella and a chance to thwart any contexts for the return of Iraq to its former strength and unity. We use all means is visible on the political and security level .. We want to create guarantees and ballasts not in northern Iraq, but in the capital Baghdad .. We try to weave relationships with some of the political and economic elites to remain for us a guarantee for the survival of Iraq outside the circle of Arab countries, which is a state of war with Israel, Iraq until 2003 was in a state of war with Israel.

And were considered war with Israel and duties enjoined .. Israel was facing a real strategic challenge in Iraq, despite its war with Iran for eight years and Iraq continued to develop and strengthen its traditional strategy, including seeking to acquire a nuclear weapon .. This situation must not be repeated we are negotiating with the Americans in order to, in order to cut the road in front of the return of Iraq to be a frontline state with Israel .. In addition to these guarantees there are also efforts and the steps we take we individually to provide strong safeguards to block the return of Iraq to the site discount .. Continuation of the current situation in Iraq and the support of the Kurds in northern Iraq as a political entity in its own right, given strong and important guarantees for Israel’s national security in the foreseeable future at least .. We are working on the development of security and strategic partnership with the Kurdish leadership even though it may anger Turkey a friendly country.

We have spared no effort to convince the Turkish leadership, particularly Recep Erdogan and Abdullah Gul and even military leaders that our support for the Kurds in Iraq does not affect the situation of the Kurds in Turkey .. We explained this also lead the Kurdish and حذرناها against friction Turkey or support Turkey’s Kurds any form of support, assured them that the partnership with Israel should not harm the relationship with Turkey and the field of this partnership is to Iraq at the moment, has a capacity future, but provided that tends This widening towards Syria and Iran.

And to meet the strategic challenges in the regional environment requires us to not turn a blind eye on the developments in the Iraqi arena and the prosecution, not by standing spectators but also in contributing role in order not to be harmful interactions and exacerbate the challenges. Neutralize Iraq by devoting current conditions is not less important and vital for consecration and sustain neutralizing Egypt, neutralized Egypt was achieved through diplomacy but neutralize Iraq requires the use of all means available and not available to be neutralized comprehensive full .. Can not talk about the use of force option because this requirement does not exist for Iraq.

Because this option is exercised the greatest power in the world, the United States, and has achieved results beyond all conception, it was impossible for Israel to achieve only one means a use of force elements in its possession, including nuclear weapons. The final analysis that Iraq must remain fragmented and internally divided and isolated away from the regional environment, this is strategic Khiarana.

In order to achieve Snoazb to use options that perpetuate this situation, a Kurdish state in Iraq dominate the sources of oil production in Kirkuk and Kurdistan An obligation of the Kurdish leadership to restart oil pipeline from Kirkuk to the line IBC formerly Trans-Jordan was conducted preliminary negotiations with Jordan was reached agreement with the Kurdish leadership, and if they decline Jordan there are alternative Turkish D line Kirkuk and other production areas in Kurdistan are to Turkey and Israel, we conducted studies to outline pipes for water and oil with Turkey and from Turkey to Israel .. Equation governing the movement strategy in the Iraqi environment stems from further undermining package Arab capabilities in its key in order to achieve more of the national security of Israel.

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