Kord Diyala demanding the implementation of Article 140 and Legal describe as “a political bomb”

Kord Diyala demanding the implementation of Article 140 and Legal describe as “a political bomb”

MONDAY, MARCH 18 / MARCH 2013 13:42

Twilight News / student Cord Diyala, Monday the implementation of Article 140 of the constitution and refused to promise constitutional finished, and while legal experts said it is constitutionally obliged and it can only be canceled cancel constitution, Astdrqua as bomb and would lead to political conflicts and crises can not get out.

A member of the Kurdistan Alliance Diyala Jalil Ibrahim Aldloa for “Twilight News”, that Article 140 did not Skip solid with the exception of the compensation due to stage political bargaining and obstacles Taatmayora chauvinism and fanatical parties that put constant obstacles in front of implementation. ”

He Aldloa that “Article 140 constitutionally obliged nor can its demise, but the demise of the Iraqi constitution which is the right destiny for the Kurds must be implemented,” praising “increase allocations compensation covered by article 140 of the 170 billion to 360 billion dinars for the current year, which will contribute to resolve part of the problems residents of the disputed areas covered by the rule. ”

For his part, counting legal expert Ismail Al Timimi “Article 140 constitutionally obliged”, describing it as “politically article bombs painted Mkhtorh mechanism to solve the problem of large and developed as a political solution and not unconstitutional.”

And saw Tamimi in an interview with “Twilight News” that “the country is ripe now for the implementation of Article 140 is still the country live transition politically unstable to incomplete constitutional institutions”, and pointed out that “the agreement on implementation is difficult in light of rejection of Arabs and Turkmen implementation unlike Kurds who insist on their application. ”

Tamimi said “the absence of a political solution to Article 140, which prepared the mechanism is sound was the product for maximum compatibility political forces managed access emergency landing because of the pressures faced with a constitution drafting committee to speed up the writing and start the new political process in 2005.”

Tamimi added that “the Iraqi constitution is still hanging in the air and need to dolly laws to implement the important items and the first of Article 140,” pointing to “the existence of more than 50 law laid down in the Constitution, but have not yet begun.”

And between legal expert said that “Article 140 is the heir of Article 58 of the Transitional Administrative Law, which painted a more detailed to deal with the problem of Kirkuk, where included three paragraphs dealt with the first paragraph Multi change the demographic situation and dealt with the second paragraph Multi change the administrative border and the third فأحالت final settlement to the government Standing by to be elected under a permanent constitution. ”

Tamimi said that “Article 140, even in the case of non-implementation and the expiration of the deadline but it is still a window and running” stressing “the legitimacy of the stakeholders in Article 140 in the appeal before the Federal Supreme Court if the executive branch’s failure to implement or reluctance.”

And supports the Kurds strongly the implementation of Article 140 of the Constitution, while showing a section of the Arabs in Kirkuk and other areas in protest at the implementation of the fear of the possibility of incorporating oil-rich province to the Kurdistan Region after being accused of parties Kurdish bring hundreds of thousands of residents Kurds for the city to change its identity demographic former regime also other bring hundreds of thousands of Arabs to in the seventies and eighties of the last century under a policy of Arabization applied in these areas at the time.

He cited the Iraqi constitution ratified in 2005 of Article 140, which provides for the normalization of the situation in the disputed areas in Kirkuk and other provinces, such as Nineveh and Diyala, and set a time limit expired in the atheist and the thirtieth of December 2007 to implement all provisions in the said article of procedures, also left for the children of those areas freedom of self-determination, both survival and independent administrative unit or attached to the Kurdistan Region by organizing a referendum, but several obstacles have delayed the implementation of some of the main items in the article.

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