A campaign to collect signatures to expel Kobler “bias to the Iraqi government and Iran”

Matsamu Samarra and Diyala: a campaign to collect signatures to expel Kobler “bias to the Iraqi government and Iran”

Published 18/03/2013 11:39 AM

BAGHDAD – “arenas of Liberation”
With escalating protests in Iraq escalate with the line parallel calls by protesters stationed in the arena sit for more than eighty days of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Bngarmmthelh in Iraq Martin Kobler, who is accused protesters of siding with the government and Iran.
Matsamu field right in Samarra did not only that but revealed start a campaign to collect signatures to expel Kobler from Iraq and change another person be moderate and neutral.

Spokesman protests are “to the right” successful balance announced that “the protesters do not expect much from the report of the Representative of the Secretary-General in Iraq the situation in Iraq, noting that it would be along the lines of previous reports which do not mention interference of Iran and biased government.”
campaigns signatures were not confined to Samarra is Diyala announced coordinating committees supervising the sit-ins there for starting a similar campaign to collect signatures from the province demonstrator and formally presented to the United Nations.
Committees Altenseeqh said that “the move came after the failure of representative of the Secretary-General in Iraq in his neutrality entrusted to him, which include reducing violations of humanitarian and remove the manifestations of exclusion and marginalization in the country, accusing the latter trading pain Iraqis.”
calls for change Kobler is not limited to the protestors, but widened to include elements PMOI opposition stationed at Camp Liberty, who accused the latter “silence on the repeated attacks of the government on the population of the camp, the last barrage on the camp, which led to the deaths of several residents of Camp Bertie” and describing Kobler Ban and his hands are stained with blood. ”