Sarah Palin accuses Obama of lying

Sarah Palin accuses Obama of lying


Palm – attacked the former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, U.S. President Barack Obama, criticized on many things and to the extent of being accused of lying.

And Palin addressed the “conservative political action committee” criticized the Obama everything he does from the issue of arms control and up to the transparency of his administration, saying: “Barack Obama promised the most transparent administration at all, but Barack Obama: You lie!”.

And accused U.S. President that goes on in the campaign rather than judgment, so invited him to stay away from the machine that he uses to read rhetoric and do what duties of where and went to the audience, saying that conservatives do not need to political advisers “If we know the truth of what we believe.” And met with the positions of Pailin and applause great Thlela.

Referred to that in spite of their popularity, are not considered Palin Republican Party candidate for president in 2016, knowing that she was a candidate for vice president in 2008.