Maliki is subject to Iranian clerics and acting deduced from the will of Washington

Voice of America: Maliki is subject to Iranian clerics and acting deduced from the will of Washington

Author: HAA
Editor: BK, RS 03/17/2013 14:34

Term Press / Baghdad
Accused academics and analysts Americans Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to undergo for “instructions Iranian clerics”, stressing that he imposes his influence on “the Sunnis in Iraq,” and stressed that al-Maliki understand the American withdrawal from the country as a “signal to do whatever he wants in the country until Lucan that contrary to the will of America. ”
This came in an analysis carried by Radio (Voice of America), seen by (long-Presse), and confirmed the radio that “the withdrawal of U.S. President Barack Obama for most of its forces from Iraq and reduce the number of American diplomats in Baghdad have been closed strong role of policy emerging to his predecessor President George W. Bush in Iraq, “and stressed that” Washington no longer has any influence or influence in Iraq after ten years from the invasion of 2003. ”
The professor of law and diplomacy at Johns Hopkins University in Washington, Ruth Wedgwood, the radio said, that “the continuation of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, to extend its dominance over opponents of the year is simply one of the indirect results of this power vacuum.”
The Wedgwood, that “Americans no longer have something to fear it,” noting that “al-Maliki seems comfortable and very satisfied about the situation of permanent instability in Iraq.”
And predicted a professor of law and diplomacy at Johns Hopkins University in Washington, to “find the Sunnis in one day, sooner or later their own way of taking vengeance,” afterthought “but the situation now is a Shia-dominated state.”
In the view of Wedgwood, that “Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, is free and do whatever he wants with the delivery of the Americans reins”, expressing the belief that “Maliki understand American withdrawal full of Iraq as a signal for him to do whatever he wants to do, although we left behind Embassy like empty shell crust. ”
And saw a professor of law and diplomacy at Johns Hopkins University in Washington, Ruth Wedgwood, according to the radio, that “Maliki has always been and remains under the control and influence of the clergy in Iran, and that he did not hide it,” usually that “it is a problem for the Obama administration, which seeks to strengthen sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program and related to Syria also where the attribution of the regime of Bashar al-Assad. ”
The Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said, in a telephone conversation with Syrian Prime Minister, last Saturday, and parking Iraq along the Syrian people in the “face of the suffering of the risks and challenges”, and stressed that Iraq “rejects foreign interference in Syrian affairs,” while called for a political solution to the crisis in Syria “through dialogue and democratic choice and peaceful means.”
Analyst of the U.S. Institute of Peace, Steve Hedman, as quoted, that “Baghdad pro-Syrian side, supporting his regime”, returned to “act counter to the policy of the United States.”
Said Hedman, “The Iraqi government allow the passage of Iranian aircraft through its airspace, which the United States wants them to stop,” continued she, “you provide some types of support to the Assad regime and turning a blind eye to do Shiite militias crossed the Iraqi-Syrian border to support the regime in Syria.”
The Deputy Chief of Staff U.S. Army, Lloyd Austin, take it (the 15 of February 2013), during a hearing with the Committee for the Defense of the U.S. Senate, that the survival of the U.S. Army was “will make the situation better in Iraq,” noting that Iraq Avana of “stability crisp “after the American withdrawal from it.
Austin added, the last commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, that the survival of the U.S. Army in Iraq “will make the situation better because it will mean that we continue providing advice and assistance to the Iraqis.”
It also expressed spokeswoman State Department Victoria Nuland, in (the third of January 2013), the concern of the United States because of the violence that took place in the recent protests taking place in the Iraqi arena, calling on all parties concerned to calm, respectful of the right of expression peacefully , and to be as much a responsibility to ensure this right without causing more tension. ”
The United States has repeatedly expressed since the beginning of 2012 the past, “concern” about the trips airfreight Iranian passing through Iraqi airspace to Syria, saying it warned Iraq that these shipments may contain weapons possibly used Damascus to suppress popular protests against the regime.
While Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on several previous occasions, that Iraq “refuses to be a conduit for arms in any direction from any source was,” noting that it was setting up a mechanism to inspect and verify that shipments passing through the land of Iraq and its skies, carrying humanitarian goods and not weapon.
The Iraqi government also announced, in (the 17 of July 2012 the past), they informed Iran through envoys and through its ambassador in Iraq, refusing to allow them to use Iraq’s territory and airspace for the passage of weapons or fighters to Syria.
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