To the insured: calm back again on the Kuwaiti border – Iraqi

Description Kuwaiti Ambassador to Iraq Ali insured relations between the two countries, it has unique and advanced aggressively after a considerable period of acrimony and wounds are healed and that took time.

He said in remarks quoted by Kuwaiti newspaper that “Arabism that unites us and the common interests of the right-neighborly relations between the two countries pay good relations and to the restoration and repair cracks that may find any Kuwaiti citizen in itself. Undoubtedly this requires effort a major political Mbdhula from the Kuwaiti side and Iraqi alike nor forget that the issue of persuading public opinion and change the perception of painful was not difficult, as well as the media, social and economic, which makes the issue somewhat slow because of extreme fear and concern on the sensitivity of any decision issued on the interests of both countries. “

The insured: The exchange of visits at the level of leaders met warmly highly private visit of His Highness presence Summit left a great impact in the hearts of Iraqis, which is reflected in the relations between the two countries and serious attempts to address all outstanding issues and that I do not like name stuck because they are no longer stuck, but You may need to be resolved and already been developed solutions but under implementation.

He continued: I can say that we are living years successes and achievements at the level of the good relations between the two countries and the state of understanding and communication of political and diplomatic good after we we suffer from Almighty and Thssat in transactions and decisions, I still hear the words of the Prime Minister of Iraq, Mr. Maliki hesitate a “will finish all these things “Indeed, each file needs to be addressed to develop solutions that preserve the right of Kuwait and also satisfy the brotherly Iraq.

On the nature of agreements with Iraq, which concluded insured group said it touches the side cultural, scientific and security, as well as joint work between the two countries on the security level as well as with respect to the incense Abdullah, as well as take advantage of land trade between the two countries.

He went on: there is also the seventh item and said: note that this matter under the umbrella of the United Nations, but that there are still attempts to reach optimal solutions commensurate with the nature of the relationship between the two countries that require the removal of all symptoms for the production of a privileged relationship between the two parties.

And about what is going on structure debt forgiveness for a fee Kuwaiti-Iraqi border, said: Kuwait rejects completely confusion and seek to preserve their full rights, taking into account the nature of the stage and maintain a state of satisfaction between the two countries, this van demarcation is sovereign linked item VII and unacceptable associated with any other files especially in the two countries, and though this file is met with great understanding by the Iraqis and do hard work to get the job done.

And on the recent events on the Kuwait-Iraq border said the believer: calm has returned to the border again after treatment wise and intensive contacts between the parties concerned to contain the situation.

He added: about my arrival to the Kuwaiti border in my recent visit I met in the border agent and the Foreign Ministry of Iraq and the legal team as well as the security men Kuwaitis and Iraqis in general atmosphere prevails friendliness and understanding and there is no impediment to the maintenance of border points. And I think that this impression will last despite the unfortunate event last .