Central Bank announced new measures to prevent money laundering operations in local markets by requiring private banks Bossullac purchase and receipt of the quantities of hard currency sold.

The official source at the bank said the central bank has taken measures and new mechanisms within the work for the current period included a demand that all private banks and banking offices bring receipts receipt and sale of foreign currency sold to ensure there is no laundering of money in the domestic market and currency smuggling out of Iraq from businessmen and traders unknown .

He said the bank will work to ensure the stability of the exchange rate of the dollar in the markets through the control of dollar amounts sold to banks and authorized agencies in order not to activate the cases speculation in the foreign currency of unidentified bodies, as happened in the past.

For her part, member of the parliamentary Economic Commission Attorney Nora Albejaoa said the central bank measures request receipts to dollar amounts sold will reveal traders and fictitious getting large amounts of hard currency for false reasons and unknown operations by withdrawing these quantities of currency.

The Albejaoa added that there are traders and businessmen who bring fake goods and fake receipts while buying dollars from banks in order to obtain the maximum amount of dollar amounts. Referred to the foreign exchange rates experienced during the past few weeks an unprecedented rise, because of what was said wrong policies committed bank in the sale of hard currency.