Obama helped al-Maliki on the uniqueness and final understanding of our withdrawal as a green light for his ambitions

American analysts: Obama helped al-Maliki on the uniqueness and final understanding of our withdrawal as a green light for his ambitions

17/03/2013 (00:01 pm)

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Saw U.S. control of the political situation in Iraq, said American influence seems a bit now in Iraq, analyst pointed out that the conflict in Syria would have serious consequences on the stability of Iraq because of inciting sectarian divisions in the neighboring countries of Syria. In his report, said Radio “VOA” U.S., said the withdrawal of U.S. President Barack Obama for most U.S. forces from Iraq and reduce the size and presence of the diplomats in Baghdad ended the campaign foreign policy of his predecessor, President George W. Bush. He said the report, which was broadcast yesterday, that after a decade on the invasion, which began on March 19 of the year 2003, analysts argue what the United States committee of the war in Iraq.
Ten years after President Bush to send military forces to Iraq, Washington seems today slightest influence on what is happening in Iraq. The report said the Shiite prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, still controls the opponents of the year, which it calls a professor at Johns Hopkins University, shabby and Jood, that has few complications.
And Jood said “this fact does not heeded by one of them. Maliki seems satisfied to be at the top always unstable Iraq, where Sunnis will find sooner or later means for revenge, but Iraq at this time Shiite state.”
And see a lifting of the United States hands for Iraq, mean that Maliki free to do what he wants. She saying, “I think that when we pulled out completely, even though we left the Embassy of such a shield turtle free behind us, but that Maliki saw actually said it like a green light says” Do what you want. “” I think that al-Maliki has always been under the control of Iran’s rulers . He does not hide this. Have ever had in his policy with them in a way that I own pace or increased. ”
The report commented that the problem for the Obama administration to tighten sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program, and Syria, where Iran provides support to President Bashar al-Assad.
The radio quoted an analyst at the U.S. Institute of Peace, Steve Heydemann, saying that Baghdad’s positions on Syria is against the United States. “They [the Iraqis] allow for the passage of Iranian transport aircraft of Ojoa├║hm, while the United States wants them to stop,” he said, adding, “They provide support in other ways to the Assad regime.”
But Heidemann says that the war in Syria risked undermining Iraq at the largest.
He said that what is happening in Syria, “exacerbate sectarian divisions within Syria’s neighboring countries in a way that can have very, very alarming consequences on the stability of those countries., And I think that Iraq is one of those most dangerous countries on stability as a result of the conflict in Syria.”
The report also concluded that U.S. companies benefited from the privatization of most of Iraq’s oil. But divisions persist between the Baghdad government and the leaders of the semi-autonomous Kurdish region in the north over oil.
: Radio Voice of America