State: Iraq is committed to the demarcation of the border with Kuwait

State: Iraq is committed to the demarcation of the border with Kuwait

The time on Friday, 15 March / March 2013 12:16

Baghdad / Orr News

Foreign Ministry confirmed Iraq’s commitment to implement the international agreement on the demarcation of the border with Kuwait and rejected any excesses on international soil, noting that the citizens affected their property due to the application of the new demarcation will receive alternative compensation and financial aid.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, however, Abawi “The Iraqi government is committed to international resolutions and without it سيوصف Iraq (b state that does not abide by international resolutions) to stop it from going out of Chapter VII,” noting that “install stents border between Iraq and Kuwait, one international resolutions which must observed by Iraq. ”

He added that he “was an agreement with the citizens who will homes and farms border demarcation in terms of Umm Qasr, serving compensate houses modern and farms and financial aid from the United Nations,” asserting that “Iraq and Kuwait Audaa sums of money to the United Nations for this purpose, and that compensation is part of the decision binding international. ”

He Abbawi that “it was agreed with the governor of Basra to find a piece of land again to create modern homes of the citizens that the first has been challenged, in addition to the allocation of farmland, and there a government committee that monitors this purpose, and so far has been to create three houses for three families temporarily.”

He pointed out that “compensation for citizens in Umm Qasr, who include their homes and their land border demarcation comes as part of a UN resolution is binding for all.” And on the direction of Kuwait protest note to Iraq and the United Nations about what happened a few days ago from assault to citizens in Umm Qasr on the stent border said Abbawi that “the Iraqi Embassy in Kuwait has not received any protest note, and Iraq has not received any memorandum from the United Nations in this regard, and we heard the subject through the media only. ”

Dozens of residents of Umm Qasr who damaged their homes and farms due to the demarcation of the border between Iraq and Kuwait Tdahiroa five days ago near the site of a company that iron trusses Generation in the Umm Qasr area, demanding to compensate them for what their right of due to the introduction of property damage in Kuwaiti territory.

A source in the province of Basra, said discussions were held with representatives of the affected in order to find alternatives to compensate for what the right of the damage.