Religious authority: We hope the summit out of Iraq from Chapter VII

31/03/2012 0:00 
Fri Walcott calls for speedy implementation of decisions of the Conference of Karbala – the gesture wished supported the religious authority in Karbala, the secretary-general of the threshold of the Abbasid, Mr. Ahmed Al Safi to be the Arab Summit, which concluded in Baghdad on the first Thursday, the opportunity to remove Iraq from Chapter VII, as called for Khatib Mosque of Al Kut to speed up implementation of the decisions that… came out of the conference. Safi said in his Friday sermon in the dish-Husseini: «Arab summit conference in which are two important points and main points, the first opening of Iraq to the Arab world and reflects aspects of health in the political system, and the second point is that the conference is a great opportunity to remove Iraq from Chapter VII ».

He said that Iraq is far different from Iraq a decade ago, is no justification for its survival under the threat of this law. added (net): «We hope that the conference will be a catalyst dramatically to rid Iraq of this chapter because the time has come to be out of Iraq from the sanctions the result of the fruits of the Arab Summit ».. In Kut, Park Benefiting from the success of the Summit of Baghdad, and demanded to speed up the implementation of the decisions that came out. 
said Sheikh Ahmed Karim, during the sermon attended by «morning»: The Summit Arabic, which was held in Baghdad on Thursday, successfully and recognized enemies before friends, noting that Arab representation and diplomat was excellent. He explained that Iraq won the bet convening this summit and became the leader of an Arab summit after it was isolated politically and economically as a result of policies of the wrong pursued by the dictatorial regime. said cream to that Iraq has returned today to its Arab and regional levels with full force and Hmokh will prove to the world as a country of peace and reunification. He continued: «We demand through this platform to implement all the decisions reached by the Summit in order to promote peace and harmony in the region», calling on political parties as united in their attitudes and stay away from personal differences and put the interests of citizens above any other interests. and in this regard that any internal disagreement may be exploited by terrorists in the implementation of their plans through criminal tense security situation and to create discord. He added: «We applaud the good efforts of the security forces and the media that contributed to the success of the Arab summit conference».