Barzani reveals methods of solution to the Iraqi crisis?

Barzani reveals methods of solution to the Iraqi crisis?


Palm – said President of Iraqi Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, Thursday, that the Iraq crisis is not between Baghdad and the region, but that the whole country is in crisis real at various levels, and in the opinion that the cause of the crisis lies in the lack of commitment to the Constitution and the absence of the principle of partnership, stressed that the solution is in the implementation of the Convention on Arbil in 2010.

The Barzani in a speech at the International Conference on the definition of genocide of the Kurds, which was held today in Arbil, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the tragedy of Halabja that Iraq was in a real crisis at all levels, and not between Baghdad and the region but all of Iraq, adding that the lack of commitment to the Constitution is the cause of this crisis, and that solution lies in the implementation of the Convention on Arbil in 2010, as it is the road map to save Iraq from the crisis.

Barzani explained that “the Kurds have a role in rebuilding Iraq, and Nzva for this role and was based on the partnership of all sects and ethnic groups, as we believe that the formation of a new Iraq is the basis and we have prepared a constitution voted by the majority of Iraqis.” Asking, “Are we partners and allies, if the answer is yes, then we want to work and actually because we are tired of gossip, and if the answer is both Each party acting, as it deems appropriate.”

Barzani Kurds called “not to forget the past, but do not let the past as an excuse for revenge and we must continue to tolerance and coexistence.” Stressing that “no one can target Kurds after today.”

The Kurdistan Alliance yesterday considered valuable 13 March 2013 that there is a clear targeted to the Kurdistan region by a coalition of state law in the economic and political aspects and the military, while the other blocks called the National Alliance to pressure them to correct the path of the democratic process.

It is noteworthy that Iraq is currently suffering from a severe political crisis moved their effects to the Dome of the House of Representatives due to conflicting attitudes towards the demands of the demonstrators and the possibility of achieving on the ground in the presence of rejection by some forces which it describes as “illegal.”

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