CBI announces new decision to reduce exchange rate of foreign currency in Iraq

Iraqi Central Bank announced on Thursday that it was taking a number of new decisions that will change the exchange rate of foreign currencies against the Iraqi dinar and thereby contributing to its stability in the currency market.

The bank said in a press statement received / Baghdadiya News / copy of “Central Bank and after follow-up floury to the high exchange rate of foreign currency in the secondary markets in Iraq, tends to take many new decisions to maintain the stability of the exchange rate of these currencies in the market.”

The bank said that “the announcement of the near making these decisions by the Bank comes to warn dealers to trade currency, investors and men for taking Ahitatathm to the Aatatroa this change in the exchange rate.” Adding that “the exchange rate change would be different from the current prevailing prices of foreign currency against the Iraqi dinar.”

The price of foreign currency, especially the dollar has witnessed over the past period a remarkable increase in secondary markets as a result of monetary policy the current government and economic instability in the country