CBI demands to ease the sale of hard currency measures to support the exchange rate of the dinar

Refer economist Salim al-Daini, reasons to increase the price of the dollar against the dinar to the measures taken by the central bank in the process of selling hard currency, calling it a complex procedure and is supportive of the Iraqi dinar.

said Daini (of the Agency news): The central bank is responsible for rate cut Iraqi dinar exchange against the U.S. dollar, because of its procedures complex sell hard currency in the auction.

added: should alleviate the checks and routine procedures in the bank auction specialist for the sale of hard currency, to allow for the greatest possible number of banks and companies buy currency and supplied in the market, and not restricted to hand certain other without.

pointed out: the new regulations issued by the central bank to prevent a lot of banking companies to obtain hard currency there ماجعل increasing demand to buy the dollar in the market, which led to increase its price.