Increase demand for the dollar because of widespread fraud

 Specialists warn of the collapse of the economy due to increased fraud in the country

According to a police source in the province of Dhi Qar, Thursday, that the security forces seized a printing press for the Counterfeiting of currency and deposits of local currency counterfeit downtown Nasiriyah.

The source, who asked not to be named in a press statement that ‘the power of the police this morning raided a house in the neighborhood of Sumer downtown Nasiriyah and seized a printing press for counterfeit currency and nearly two million dinars from counterfeit currency and arrested the owner of the printing press’.

The source added in a statement to Twilight News ‘quoted the detainee to force headquarters to conduct preliminary investigations with him and then forwarded to the judiciary to supplement the legal proceedings against him.’

And several Iraqi provinces were seen in recent months adjust the amounts of counterfeit currency as detained by local authorities in these provinces more than a gang specialized in forging and promoting exchange and fraud.

Turning to the province of Babylon reveals specialists, traders and citizens in the province for the return of exciting fears of currency counterfeit for local markets, and warn of its negative impact on the national economy and shaking the confidence of the citizens it as well as rising prices, accusing the ‘foreign’ seeking to destroy the national economy through the deployment of those currencies, in the neighborhood of only the security agencies to invite citizens to cooperate with them and inform them about any case of fraud to contribute to the monitoring and addressing the promoters.

Dollar instead of bags dollar He says Said Rahman, an Earner, told (long-Presse), that there’s a counterfeit currency categories of ten and five thousand dinars began being traded in the local market, although in small quantities, forcing shopkeepers and traders to check the amounts they receive, including hinders commercialization ‘.

Attention Rehman to be ‘exaggerated big deals are in bags and traders are now do not complete the process only after making sure of the amount and paper and paper including hampers traffic exchanges and makes it boring for others who are waiting to pay similar amounts ‘, noting that’ a lot of traders have become now prefer to deal in dollars to avoid problematic fraud and the number of bags of Iraqi currency ‘.

For his part, says Jawdat Ali, owner of a shop selling food, in a statement to the agency that ‘the phenomenon of counterfeit currency found in the local market but in a few’, indicating that it ‘is concentrated on certain categories’.

He adds Ali, that’s dealers in those Currencies Baptized to buy large quantities of food from our stores and then sell them at a lower price in order to ensure rapid discharge away from the control of the security authorities’, adding ‘although the amount of those Currencies few but they affect our profits.’

And Accuse the merchant Jawdat Ali, ‘certain foreign day Destinations leaking counterfeit currency for the domestic market in an attempt to sabotage the national economy and undermine confidence in Iraqi currency ‘, and Refrains from naming those actors, but asserts that it is’ known’.

In turn, The Merchant Kazem Hashim, that’s counterfeit currency is once again affecting a lot on our daily work because we are dealing with hundreds of thousands of Iraqi dinars with each store owner ‘, wondering’ How are we to be able to examine the huge amounts of money that Ntdolha day ‘, and answers questioning by saying’ so we receive based on trust and bear the loss if the counterfeit currency. “

Serafi: We are more affected by fraud According to owners of offices and banking companies because they suffer most from the spread of counterfeit currency, although I have said in the local market.

He says Noman Mohammed, a shop owner for banking, that’s the phenomenon of counterfeit currency is not new and is present for some time in Iraq, like other countries that have suffered ‘, adding’ but they may be deployed in Iraq more particularly the categories of the five thousand and ten thousand dinars. ‘

Mohammed calls , economic security to ‘make a greater effort to track down counterfeit currency dealers’, stressing that ‘owners banking companies are suffering more than others from the spread of counterfeit currency though I said it in the local market’.

Explains Mohammed that يوقعهم victim of counterfeit currency is ‘the amount of money that we have compel us to rush sometimes to accept and pass some of the counterfeit currency which Aqaibdna losses are not uncommon’, and follow all we can do after that is to bring as subjects Goods Exchange those currencies and we be destroyed ‘.

Also confirms teller Mohammed, that there is ‘editions of counterfeit currency can not be distinguished even by us for accuracy printed matter that makes us at a loss on how to avoided especially when the pressures on us are of dealers’ , accusing ‘parties unknown seeking to abuse of Iraqi currency’.

Expert: foreign bodies seeking to destroy the Iraqi economy And in turn, Accuse the Economist ‘foreign professional’ of seeking to destroy the Iraqi economy through the ‘pumping counterfeit currency Elaborately difficult to detect. ‘

He says Jassim al-Bakri, in a statement to the same agency that ‘the presence of counterfeit currency several negative indicators Overshadow Iraq’s economy and distort its image and the movement understood wrong with him’, and follow it ‘affect the reputation of the Iraqi economy, especially, we live in an age of openness and the free market ‘.

And demanding an economist, the state of the need to ‘exercise control ongoing economic and security to reduce this phenomenon in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior and its security services’.

Police calls for cooperation with them to detect counterfeit currency But a source in Babil police, who asked not to be named, confirmed that the ‘special Detachments based movement control relevant local market in general and the issue of counterfeit currency in particular. ‘ The source calls’ merchants and citizens to cooperate with security agencies and the news about the counterfeit currency to shred and dispose of them in order to facilitate the monitoring of movement and determine the types and sources and develop plans to ensure the arrest of the perpetrators or bands that are rigged or leaked to the local market.

It is noteworthy that Iraq has witnessed over the past years, both before 2003 or after waves of counterfeit currency, began as a phenomenon in the nineties of the last century, after the imposition of economic sanctions on the country and the invasion of the former regime of Kuwait, if it leads feet Iraq to print its currency within the country to higher headline inflation by about is unprecedented, as well as the increasing cases of counterfeit currency at the time due to the lack of international standards adopted in the currency printing.