Kuwait protested to the United Nations on Iraq protect its borders loose common

Kuwait today presented a note of protest to the United Nations against Iraq included displeasure from events in the border between the two countries by a group of Iraqis on Sunday. Foreign Ministry Undersecretary said Khaled Jarallah to send two copies of the protest note to the Iraqi Government, the first Ambassador in Baghdad, Kuwait and Iraq to Kuwait Ambassador to take.

The Iraqi-Kuwaiti border has witnessed tense day before yesterday after a group of Iraqi citizens to impede the process of the ongoing boundary maintenance under the auspices of the United Nations, where he erected a large tent in the border region between the two countries, and then uprooted metal tube between the two countries and between the border between 105 and 106. And the Kuwaiti border security force near the site of the stone-throwing and shooting by the Iraqi side, which resulted in the injury and damage to Kuwaiti military patrols of the border security force.

For his part, the Kuwaiti official added that his country ” resentful of this irresponsible act and agreed upon with the nature of the brotherly relations between Kuwait and Iraq, which does not serve Iraq draws to close the file maintenance of the boundary markers.

Jarallah urged Iraq to move seriously ” to surround this incident and enable the difference that maintenance of the boundary markers from the performance of its functions and role and the completion of maintenance in accordance with the schedule prepared it is the end of the month.

The Kuwait-Iraq border that has seen more than a year ago similar events during the boundary maintenance team of the United Nations, which was attacked by Iraqi citizens, some live on farms located illegally within the zone between the borders.

The protest comes as Kuwait that the Iraqi police were with the protesters didn’t turn to adjust security and aggravates the situation to some extent amounted to an attempt to steal a patrol of the border security force handled Kuwaiti Kuwait firmly in sight of Iraqi police did not react to the report by the Kuwaiti Kuwait counterpart monitoring to gather before the tension. The protest note lodged by Kuwait to the United Nations today urged the Iraqi Government to carry out its responsibilities and take the necessary action to implement its obligations and enable the United Nations Panel on the maintenance of the continuation of its work.

The Kuwaiti Parliament Deputy has called Dr. MASOOMA Al Mubarak Security Council redeploy UN peacekeepers over the inability of the Iraqi Government to rein in Iraqi political forces and lack of respect for international borders, stating that the rules of international law and the principles of good-neighbourliness require the Iraqi Government to impose its control on the Iraqi side of the border and does not accept any justification for what happened except that complacency and inaction in the Iraqi Government, its responsibilities and Kuwait could not continue to pay the price instability of Iraq, saying the incident Confirming an Iraqi political forces still thinks it can impose the logic of force on the border file which may resolve with resolution 833, attempting to impose a new reality forced Kuwait to reopen negotiation on the border with the border skirmishes from time to time.

A group of lawmakers demanded that the Kuwaiti Parliament Government of their country today convene an enlarged meeting of the Ministers for Foreign Affairs, defence and the Interior and representatives to discuss the fallout of the shooting by the Iraqi side to the demarcation team and prevented from marking the border.

Rep. James manufacturer that “such an incident will not go unnoticed, particularly the Iraqi side articulated harassing the Kuwaiti border, and we cannot say that there was suspicious of Maliki’s Government targets but we invite foreign and Interior Ministers to explain to Parliament the last night (Sunday) and its implications, and what the Government’s reaction and the procedures to be followed after that do our patience and we must put the record straight.

Kuwaiti MP Ahmed mulaifi said commenting on the incident “does not want to give the process greater than their size at the same time do not want to ignore them, and not be passing fleeting so don’t evolve in the future and our children may experience working there, whether military or civilian, so we asked the Kuwaiti Government held a meeting calling for a parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee, attended by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Interior and defence, it is in agreement with the President of the Council of the nation to see the dimensions of the incident and the actions taken and the actions that will be taken and the precautions Future to counter such attempts impede finish the demarcation of the border, although issues closed leaving only operational procedures, particularly the Iraqi farmers took their compensation in full, and we call on the Iraqi Government to take action to protect our weaskriina there must be coordination of urgent parliamentary foreign Committee and call to a meeting of Government MPs considered such an incident is not repeated.