Net expresses its hope that the contribution of Baghdad summit to derail the country from Chapter VII

Friday, 30 March 2012

Follow-up – and babysit –Fri expressed in front of Karbala Mr. Ahmad Safi hoped that contribute to an Arab summit in Baghdad in Iraq out of Chapter VII. Safi said in a Friday sermon that was held in the antiseptic Husseiniya Hadra said Friday that “holding the Arab summit in Baghdad is open by Iraq on the Arab environment which is healthy in politics.” “The presence of Arab brothers and the Organization of Islamic Conference and the Secretary-General of the UN summit in Baghdad and… seeing the difference made in the Iraq policy from the past makes it imperative they have to work to remove Iraq from Chapter VII,” noting that there is no justification for the survival of Iraq under Chapter VII. ”

With regard to security measures on Arab summit criticized the net handle some security men with citizens noting that “some elements beyond the security of citizens by disrespecting or insulting, or even hit them.”

He added that “security forces cut off roads in the provinces some way, offended citizens despite the fact that these methods are far from the venue of the summit.”

He called for “open educational sessions for security officers in how to deal with citizens respectfully and do not reflect the long hours to the duties of security officers on their behavior with the citizens.”

He also called on Mr. net political blocs to take serious steps to raise the level of the country and alleviate the suffering of the Iraqi people, “adding that” the citizens want to alleviate the suffering imposed upon them by politicians, regardless of affiliation. ”

He noted that “the country went through a bitter experience in past years and on the politicians to take advantage of that experience,” calling to work on the rejection of the characters is efficient from important positions that are harming the lives of citizens regardless of their partisan or sectarian. “Ended

M. J