Banker: the banking sector has the potential to qualify to compete with global banks

Likely banking expert Mohsen Ali, the development of the banking sector and promotion in the coming years and make it a global competitor, what possessed of great potential, calling “to creating a solid legislative environment to support this important sector.

Ali said, “The Iraqi banking sector has great potential in terms of human resources and good environment to help him compete global banks but still faces a number of difficulties and challenges that have prevented promotion during the current period.

Added: that local banks need rehabilitation at all levels and the introduction of systems and modern technology in their work as well as the training of cadres working also need to open channels of banking with foreign banks to exchange experiences and to contribute to the strengthening of the Iraqi economy.

The banking system in Iraq consists of forty-three banks as well as the Central Bank and distributed by property (7) government and banks (30) Al Ahli Bank, including (7) Islamic banks in addition to (6) foreign banks.