UN program in Iraq declares its readiness to develop Iraq’s water sector

BAGHDAD / obelisk: The Director UNDP, Saturday, willingness of the international organization to do more in order to developing situation Allarroaii in Iraq as it leads to investing in available water to improve the status of agriculture and environmental protection.

The director of the UN program in Iraq who led a delegation of experts from the UN inspectors to Iraq Peter Batchelor’s “obelisk” “The program has more ideas and plans and applications in the water resources sector in Iraq.”

The following a meeting with the Minister of Water Resources Muhannad al-Saadi said that “Iraq still needs to integrated infrastructure irrigation work to keep pace with the needs and potential in the agricultural field of arable land and viable investment.”

He noted that “the program seeks to assess the institutional structure of the arms of the Ministry of Water Resources and Rehabilitation leaders of integrated water resources and support of the Iraqi negotiator in international negotiations on common rivers and water consumption.”

He added that “the program and the delegation of experts also asked to contribute to the field research carried out by the ministry to resolve field problems facing business and agricultural sectors Allarroaii.”