Economists: it is still too early to join the WTO

Economists: it is still too early to join the World Trade Elynizh

03/11/2013 (23:00 pm)

BAGHDAD / tributary cactus

Experts say in economic affairs that it is still too early for joining in the World Trade Organization (WTO), stating that most of the economic sectors that support Iraq’s exports are disabled.
The economist said Bassem Jamil Antoine “We can not isolate Iraq from the rest of the states, by not joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) but must choose the right time to enter the World Trade Organization.”
He Antoine in his speech to the “not in the interest of Iraq to join the organization at the present time because most commercial and industrial sectors and agricultural paralyzed, and join in this case open the border to the Member States. Called to wait till reclamation sectors as a whole, access to the organization prospects high economic.
For his part, chairman of the Economic Media Center Dargham Muhammad Ali: “I of Altfezan to join the World Trade Organization (WTO) at the present time that Iraq has no exports could make it benefit through the organization.
Ali said in a statement (long) “There terms of that should be available to the country that wants to join the World Trade Organization, including the pricing Kmarkip the goods contained in addition to raising support for the rest of the goods to be there freedom in competition with non-food distribution in the ration card , noting that Iraq has not applied these conditions at the present time.
Noteworthy that the World Trade Organization sent a group of inquiries and requests to the Ministry of Commerce to modify file Iraq’s request to join the organization.
The general director of economic relations in the ministry Hashim Hatem “The organization sent a series of questions and requests to modify a file on Iraq’s accession to the organization, revealing that” the most important questions received regarding schedules tariff according to the Harmonized System, which operates the Organization consisting of ten numbers. ”
“We prepared the tables under the Harmonized System which was released in 2002, which consists of eight digits, and asked the organization to work on a modern system consisting of ten numbers by adding two other tariff.”
He pointed out that “the ministry is now working with Customs to amend the tariff as stated by the organization or hold the old system,” explaining that “there is no response from the concerned departments requests and questions the WTO.” And require WTO commitment with their agreements and that pledge the state wishing to accession to the signing of the Protocol of Accession includes approval of the application of all WTO agreements.