Iran is preparing to ignite a sectarian war regional assistance Maliki!

Edema (politics): Iran is preparing to ignite a sectarian war regional assistance Maliki!

The time on Sunday, 10 March / March 2013 10:16 | |

Baghdad / Orr News

Kuwaiti newspaper claimed that Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei made a decision to wage war rather than sectarian regional war, to respond to the imminent collapse of the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

The newspaper quoted Kuwaiti politics for leadership chest high, unnamed, as saying: that the plan Iranian first was required to go to a regional war if he fell Assad include the use of weapons chemical on a wide geographical and attacking positions within Israel, Turkey, Jordan and countries “GCC”, has been abandon this plan a few weeks ago because of fear of Iran from going to war and wide with the West results are disastrous at the forefront of the destruction of the Iranian regime and its allies, and the preparations the West and “NATO” significant and effective to face the option of a regional war, and was set up missile system “Patriot “Turkey on the Syrian border evidence of this willingness, add him to Russia is ready to step in and defend the Assad regime broke out regional war.

According leadership rib, the new plan “adopted waging sectarian war within a single country, specifically in Kuwait, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Bahrain and Yemen, by moving the Shiite groups were transferred weapons to in the recent period, and have been processed for this war, which will not can not the West and no one interfere , where will spread chaos in the bar and wide geographical What confuses all regional and international accounts on the fate of the Assad regime. ”

He added that “the plan sectarian war is much better for the Iranian leadership, to considerations of the most important he can drag forces (Hezbollah) Lebanese forces of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in which, as the circumstances are in the two neighboring countries of Syria, is the target strategic option for sectarian conflict is to enable system Assad stay militarily for a longer period, unlike the regional war that would eliminate completely the remaining forces of Assad in the case began to fall and lose control of the capital Damascus. ”

He said that the war option sectarian discussed circuits mission in Iran and there are several scenarios to him, from the most dangerous scenario prepared in Iraq, which will depend on the imposition of military control of the forces Maliki Anbar province and the Karkh district in Baghdad, because these regions any Karkh and Anbar represent areas strategy to fight sectarian war The victory, and therefore the transfer of al-Maliki military reinforcements to these areas in the past few days with arguments relating to the protection of border security for Anbar and prevent sedition for the Karkh section, is that the plan calls for full control of Anbar and Karkh, which includes the majority of the year. ”

He pointed out that “the secret of moving on the western edge of Iraq is to influence strategic security Jordan and securing support and supply forces Assad that Stthsn Kharah Damascus In some ways foreign to the Syrian coast, and to the Iraqi border, and thus will turn these troops on the ground to sectarian militias could fight inside wide geographical area stretched from Baghdad through Anbar to Damascus and down to the Bekaa southern Lebanon, where sites “Hezbollah”, as that scenario Iranian sectarian war in Iraq includes the involvement of Kurdistan in this war through fabricating war or political division between Sunni Kurds and Kurdish Shiites, and allow it to open a vital route for supplies military from Iran towards the province of Sulaymaniyah under the control of the party of President Jalal Talabani, which includes political allies of Iran and Kurdish Shiites, and then passes the line through Kurdish areas Shiite in Khanaqin and Jalula in Diyala province to Baghdad. ”

According to the leader of the al-Sadr, it “if the project succeeded sectarian Iranian ignite a sectarian war between Sunni Kurds and Shi’ite Kurds, the Turkey’s border with Iraq would be in constant danger and this means that the Iranians are planning to sectarian war regional awesome and expanded may last for ten years.”

He pointed out that “the mystery directed the Iranian leadership to sectarian war, it will maintain a presence and vitality Iranian project in the areas of influence of several, or can this influence that is growing stronger on the basis that the Iranians have better weapons and thus cuff achieve victory in this sectarian war thing very improbable for axis of the Iranian regime Syrian regime forces Maliki Lebanese Hezbollah. ”

The source said the Iraqi Also, it “can the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to engulf millions of volunteers in the sectarian war which fills imbalances manpower in Syria, which includes a census of Alawites much lower than the census year in the event joined Iraq and Iran directly and wide in this sectarian war “.