Ten years from the horrors of Iraq: when the countdown has begun for the war

Ten years from the horrors of Iraq: when the countdown has begun for the war

Sunday, 10 March / March 2013

Amman / Ali Abdul-Amir

In the summer of 2002, a delegation of prominent Iraqi opposition leaders arrived in Washington, at the invitation of the White House. The most pressing question was: Are Americans resolve it this time, and Senqdon on the regime of President Saddam Hussein?

Justification question were prompted by fears that the Americans change their position at the last minute for reasons both internal and external, as well as the lack of a real American “post-Saddam”.

What came out by the Delegation of the Iraqi opposition after talks in the ministries of foreign affairs, defense and the White House, outlined leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (Iraqi President now) Jalal Talabani saying that “U.S. President George W. Bush told Iraqi opposition was determined to complete the work which failed and his father in which it is overthrow Saddam, “he said in an interview with the newspaper” Daily Telegraph “British” U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld implicitly criticized former President George HW Bush for leaving Saddam in power after the Gulf War, more than ten years. ”

Here, it looked serious for those who are called “Big Five” in the Iraqi opposition (Talabani and Barzani, Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim (like his brother Abdul Aziz), Iyad Allawi and Ahmad Chalabi), since they were surprised this insistence on toppling Saddam to limit criticism of President George W. Bush Father left Iraqi President unpunished in the war to liberate Kuwait in 1991. Talabani said: “When Rumsfeld spoke to us said that the U.S. administration is determined to not do half the work, as it did in 1991 because when we start work must be terminated and access to the final stage, namely the elimination of dictatorship.”

Alaala bombing Mai before missile

With the departure of “Big Five” and Washington, was the countdown to the war actually began. Beginning like “shelling political media” unparalleled in modern history, already barrage, in what is known as a stroke of “shock and awe”. Remarkably, the opponents of the invasion of Iraq camp seemed resigned to the fact that the war is coming no doubt, in the same summer, analysts said French (home of the biggest opponents of the war) that “the United States is determined to implement a threatened war to topple Saddam’s regime.”

The prominent French journalist Jean Daniel and weekly “Alxsprs” edited, “The United States has held its intention in an irreversible manner to wage war against the ruling regime in Iraq and the war and an inescapable reality.” In the boot of the war, was a defender of politics and media in Washington and London began firing long-range missiles, in a way that mixes facts with lies well knitted and sleazy as well.

In Brussels revealed military expert at the NATO that “the United States monitored the communications of the Saddam regime with a number of African countries to supply Baghdad mercenaries for assembly in the North to address the entry of U.S. ground forces.” Expert in a statement to the “homeland” Saudi Arabia said that “the ruling regime in Iraq offers and promises of oil and financial to these countries for sending combatants,” adding that “the spy planes U.S. will intensify sorties and photographed areas likely gaps where across the Iraqi border to infiltrate mercenaries.”

This is an example of news mixed facts with lies, has revealed before the war about the arrival of about six thousand “volunteers” Arabic to fight alongside Iraqi forces, but spy planes U.S. unnamed “infiltration of mercenaries across the Iraqi border,” not even the border remained open to the flow of tens thousands of elements of “Al Qaeda” and its derivatives from “jihadi groups” for several years after the fall of the regime in Baghdad in April 2003.

“Accurate information before the invasion” was part of the political and media bombardment, in mid-August, said U.S. President George W. Bush said he would build any decision about what will take towards the ruling regime in Iraq and what he sees as a threat to his country “, according to the latest data intelligence and how best to protect the United States and its allies. ”

U.S. President played down at the same time in a brief conversation with reporters at his Texas ranch where he spends long working vacation, the importance of the reservations expressed by members in his own Republican Party over the United States launched military action against Baghdad governor.

He said: “First of all, realize that partisan objections and as you know that there are people on the large amount of intelligence express their opinions about Saddam Hussein and Iraq and I listen carefully to what they do say. However, there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Saddam defies the world and that he has used poison gas against his own people and that the source of trouble for the neighboring countries which is filled with a desire to acquire weapons of mass destruction. “Prime disarmament experts at the United Nations the sails of the American Declaration, saying,” The photographs satellites showed new facilities in many of nuclear sites searched by the United Nations earlier in Iraq. ”

Jacques announced bot that several inspections of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the United Nations and in charge of surveillance operations in Iraq, “there are images captured satellites show that the facilities built or rebuilt in the sites that previously Evchenaha”.

Butt refused to identify these sites, but explained that it includes “nuclear facilities used in the form of dual civilian and military,” stressing that “snap inspections are the best weapon to deter the ruling regime in Iraq from seeking to build a nuclear bomb.”

And “weapons of mass destruction,” it means the international inspection teams to search for those weapons, and were often Baghdad prevent those teams they raise crisis after crisis since its inception actually in 1991, and became the teams and crisis posed by Baghdad with part of the diary years of siege and tighten sanctions and, later, the basic pretext of the war, such as the invasion of Washington rejected an offer by Saddam’s regime to resume dialogue with the United Nations, stressing that “Baghdad has a clear job now.”

Said Greg Sullivan, a spokesman for the U.S. State “his country does not take the view of the Iraqi regime seriously because they received similar offers him before to no avail.”

The Vice President of the Republic of Iraq, Taha Yassin Ramadan said in televised remarks that “the regime is willing to discuss the return of UN inspectors of weapons, provided they are not talks unprecedented in any conditions,” stressing that “Iraq is preparing for the worst if Washington decided to attack him.”

Heavy bombardment phase

No sooner the U.S. media first and British Talia that entered the bombardment ammunition, heavy in the summer of 2002 itself, reported network “CNN” that “the regime in Iraq began moving carriers and missiles apparently in preparation for any military action by the United States,” explained in a report citing military sources as U.S. that “a convoy of tankers entered a place suspect the United States in that place for the manufacture of biological weapons to escalate so speculation about the activities that occur there,” and that “the convoy, which was monitored by satellites to spy entered a compound near Baghdad. was this site may was bombed during the 1991 Gulf War and rebuilt and international inspectors Btfkdh. ”

In the news above, represent a typical bombing political and media, there movements related to weapons of mass destruction (a place for the manufacture of biological weapons activates Iraq in rebuilding), and there is the application of what was said by President Bush to use the latest data intelligence to determine its final position on the war (satellites to spy ), in addition to a media influential Kktibh in war (the largest news network in America and the world of its own military commanders what they want to deliver it war Kmmahdat).

In the same context, based on the information leak mixed lies with facts in order to paint a picture of an enemy seems active and able to harm America and the West, Violent Media U.S. and international broadcast a report showing that the “experts of the Ministry of Defense (Pentagon) is considering at the moment (Fall 2002), a wide range of possibilities regarding the expected response of Saddam in the event of the start of military operations against his rule. ” One highlighted the possibilities that have been studied, research “whether Iraqi forces can do a preemptive strike against sites and the presence of U.S. troops preparing to attack Baghdad and that if it turns out to Saddam categorically looming attack on his regime.”

Discuss scenarios emptive strike Iraq, addressed the possibility that the authority of Baghdad to pay three Corps military from the south across the Kuwaiti border to attack centers gathering of U.S. troops in Kuwait, and the possibility of starting a similar attack on the sites of the U.S. forces in Jordan, and the possibility that Iraqi pilots driving planeloads bombs chemical and biological launch suicide attacks against sites for U.S. forces in other areas, as well as the possibility of “Baghdad’s use of missiles carrying non-conventional warheads.”

In order not to seem bombardment political and media, alone in the yard escalation, there were early September (September 2002) the largest bombing on a military target continued to force the regime in Iraq, said Gen. John Rosa assistant director of operations presidency Joint Chiefs of Staff that 12 fighter U.S. dropped 25 bombs objectives.

The objective of this raid command and control center for Iraqi air defenses is 380 km west of Baghdad and in the region, “HP wealthy”, as reported by the U.S. Central Command. General Rosa announced the other hand that “this process may seem surprising because it was aimed at a site in the west of the country, while past raids were designed to south-east of the country.”

Spread American – Briton

In the days of the war, U.S. Special Forces and British deployed heavily in the western regions of Iraq (which targeted the biggest hit before the war). American partnership – British air strikes continued intimidation of Iraqi political and danger to the media, Minister of Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said that “the world’s patience with Iraq to an end and that he should be taking military action against him among the alternatives.”

And went minister ahead of a summit British – American (will be one of six in preparation for the war) to say “do not pose any system other than the regime in Iraq that threat strong safety of international law. Not rule except that in Iraq has the same desire in the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction and use them” .

In his speech before the General Assembly of the United Nations on September 12 put President George W. Bush conditions far exceed, the issue of re-inspectors to Iraq, he put “two bundles” of demands that must Baghdad Talpathma if it wants to avoid U.S. military strike, the first on changing the nature of the regime politically and militarily, and the second related to the voluntary surrender of some components of weapons of mass documents which confirmed the United Nations in 1991 and its presence in Iraq, and international observers failed to find them after that.

U.S. tightening conditions in this way came after President Bush’s aides studied the possibility that Baghdad declare its consent to the return of inspectors abruptly. It seemed to those assistants that a declaration of this kind could put U.S. efforts to overthrow Saddam in a difficult position, so he decided to aides put additional conditions more stringent so that it is impossible for Baghdad to accept it, what will open the door for Multi regime change, which will become subsequently demand broad international.

Blair addresses Saddam through the “Monte Carlo”

British Prime Minister Tony Blair, a private radio station “Monte Carlo” to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, in which he stressed that “disarming the regime in Baghdad will be by force if he did not cooperate with the weapons inspectors of the United Nations.” Choosing the head of the British government “Radio Monte Carlo” French-speaking and to interview him about Iraq, came as a “radio the most popular among the Iraqi people,” according to the office of Prime Minister Tony Blair, who confirmed that “Saddam personally who follow the radio chosen by Blair to guide his “.

Blair said in his radio address to Saddam and the Iraqi people, “Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction will be removed by force what is not done in cooperation with the observers. Saddam’s task is to cooperate fully with the inspectors.” He attributed the Blair for asylum Radio that he wants to talk with people in the form of direct “because in such circumstances appears many fairy tales that do not exist in reality.” Among these stories, says Blair, “What is happening is a war between Christians and Muslims While this is not true, as well as talk about a confrontation between the West and the Arabs, or that oil is the reason. ”

Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq on British way, and reached the maximum extent “fiction” that warned them Blair in his radio, while appalled Britons saying that “Saddam has the means to strike London WMD within 45 minutes, if it so decides.”