Kuwait should not ignore history and do not covet in the stretch at the expense of Iraq

Cluster member criticized the parliamentary almnzoet in solution/Iraqi list/MP Mohammed Al-karbouli, provocations in the displacement of people from the Iraqi territory as illegal and gross interference in Iraq’s internal affairs and violation of recognized international borders and the State in the 1960s.

Karbouli demanded in a statement (News Agency) Saturday: the Federal Government not to alienate the Iraqi territories under any circumstances or bargaining chip was being impaired by its legitimate duties in maintaining the unity of Iraq’s land and people and will establish to avenge the blood of the Iraqi and Kuwaiti peoples and will cause more tensions in the future.

He is a member of the Anbar Iraqi list: history will curse certain everyone who helped or participated or took place on international blackmail documents which gave Kuwait an Iraqi occupies the grounds of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, the Iraqi people will curse certain both compromise and did make money on installing non-rights owed to Kuwait have justified its excesses border and seize sources of oil and gas resources and the areas of water usurped by the State of Kuwait

MP Al-karbouli, a parliamentary solution block: embrace the draft collection of signatures of other members of the Iraqi Council of representatives opposed to the Kuwaiti expansionist project, call an emergency special session of the Iraqi Parliament’s vote to require the Iraqi Government to stop all actions affecting the territorial integrity of Iraq and to international courts to appeal unfair international awarded Kuwait from Iraqi unlawful occupies in exceptional circumstances and the assignment of lawyers to challenge the decisions in accordance with the provisions of international law and ensures the legitimate rights of the Iraqi State and its borders and territory since its formation General.