Oil Expert: Iraq loses daily millions of dollars due to the lack of the oil and gas law

Oil Expert: Iraq loses daily millions of dollars due to the enactment of the oil and gas

Date: 09/03/2013 12:37:57 Saturday

Baghdad (news) .. Return oil expert Mohammad Redha, the reason for the inability of Iraq from natural gas investment and associated with oil to the absence of oil and gas law, which led to the loss of Iraq every day, millions of dollars as a result of gas flaring atmosphere.
Redha said (of the Agency news): Iraq has not previously able to invest gas wealth owned by whether Almkmna in the ground or emitted with the extraction of oil, due to several reasons, the most prominent of the political problems and the absence of legislation the law of oil and gas.

He added: oil and gas law aimed at organizing the country’s natural wealth and maintain it as well as distributed equitably to all the people, well that guarantees the rights of international companies that want to invest in oil and gas country.

Confirmed: that Iraq is losing a day millions of dollars of wealth people because incinerated in the atmosphere as a result of differences of political blocs, which bears the consequences and paid for the Iraqi people, calling politicians to consider favorably on people to end their differences and the enactment of the oil and investment of natural resources. / End / 8. N . p /