Parliamentary economy: the decline in physical movement caused by the failure of the provincial councils and the problems in the investment law

Ezzat member committee of economy and investment parliamentary Noura, why retreat physical movement in the country in general to the failure of the provincial councils in the provision of projects, and to the existing problems in the investment law.

The said “retreat physical movement in the country in general, lies behind many reasons, including the investment law and the problems which, in addition to logistical and administrative constraints, legal and infrastructure.”

She added that “there are other problems lies in the corruption and the reluctance of the provincial councils in the provision of projects, in addition to the delay in approving the budget, it is also one of the reasons delaying projects,” noting that “the real reason is due to the absence of real efforts, however, the disabled is the basic law investment and the lack of an inventory of vacant land that is suitable for housing projects and not identified so far. “

She  “We also note that there is a big difference between the Kurdistan region and the rest of the provinces, in the region there are large projects, especially residential projects, but the provinces lack so far of the existence of such projects despite the entry of the Ministry of Construction and Housing steps good and the establishment of projects proven, but a few , due to lack of allocations of the Ministry of Construction and Housing. “

She noted that “there are good steps to the ministry by our meeting with the minister, as demanded provinces allocate land residential building projects for the poor and distribution, but unfortunately, since the meeting so far has not provided any province ground to the ministry, although the presence of land large and vast.”

It showed that “this matter on the terms of reference and land ownership existing between the various ministries, especially the Ministry of Municipalities and the Ministry of Agriculture, Finance and lack of coordination, in addition to the presence of obstacles in the investment law, and also is the responsibility of the provincial councils that have proved their failure to provide housing projects and reconstruction in all governorates of Iraq in general. “

Observers believe that Iraq is suffering from severe housing crisis due to the increasing number of population compared with the number of residential complexes, in addition to the inability of citizens with limited income for building residential units of its own because of the high cost of land and construction materials