House of Representatives approves the budget in the absence of Kurdish blocs

House of Representatives passed on Thursday and without the presence of Kurdish blocs, all articles of the draft budget bill for 2013, and announced Kurdish blocs that they will challenge the ratification of the budget of the Federal Court, and will have a political position about it.

In this regard, he said Dler Abdulkadir member Alliance bloc Kurdistan in the House of Representatives for PUKmedia: The House of Representatives approved on all material relating to the draft budget law for 2013, without attending Kurdish blocs, stressing that the Kurds will appeal to authenticate the budget and will make ways constitutional in this matter, and then they will have a political position about it.

After holding a number of meetings between the Kurdistan Alliance and the National Alliance to reach an agreement on a number of topics, including the budget bill for 2013, especially the implementation of the demands of the Kurds in the budget, and that by giving oil companies operating in Kurdistan entitlements financial, as well as budget of the Peshmerga and Article 140 of the Constitution, but these meetings held between the two sides failed to reach any agreement, but the House of Representatives decided to submit the draft budget to the vote.