3-2-2013: Iraqi Dinar Guru guesses!!!

3-2-2013: Iraqi Dinar Guru guesses!!!

3-2-2013 Intel Guru Panda Express What we think we are looking at: 1. Rates should show up on Saturday morning…4 confirms. 2. Well Fargo is the bank…5+ confirms. 3. Monday is the exchange date…2 confirms. 4. This weekend exchange…2 confirms. 6. Wells Fargo screens are live again…3 confirms. 7. Codes are loaded at Wells Fargo…2 confirms. In summary: Rates should show up on Saturday morning. We should have banking locations by Sunday at the latest and exchange by Monday at the latest. This thing is so done you can stick a fork in it.

3-1-2013 Intel Guru Steve1 Question….”what’s your opinion on time of rv? It has been told/rumored that the rv would happen around 3am our time/ eastern time.” Answer…. Now, having it be delayed this long it could be very quickly. Remember the Kurds budget was to start Monday and they can not do anything without the Federal Budget opened and disbursed. So, your guess will be just as good as anyone else right now. I will maybe know more after it is approved. I am also being told by another contact that this vote will be a “historic one”, so I can safely assume that the media will share right away, especially with protest and other major events scheduled to go off against the government. Could it happen within hours, you bet, will it, maybe, should it, absolutely. Time is now against them not for them, so the faster the move, the quicker peace will be restored and confidence with the citizens.

3-1-2013 Intel Guru Steve1 Question….”what is your opinion on the level of confidence, based on the mood of your contacts, that this vote will in fact take place on Monday (Iraq Monday) assuming nothing crazy happens between now and then.” Answer… Our contacts are saying 100%, but they told me that last time and then the unexpected happened at the last minute between Maliki and the Kurds. That shocked many people. Question… “What times the vote on Monday?” Answer… I was told 10 am Monday Iraqi time.

3-1-2013 Intel Guru Blaino all the big financial (international) players are in conference to accomplish this at this hour, no doubt, it’s mainly video conferencing…”jack”, “christine”…All the major players…

3-1-2013 Intel Guru Blaino more and better confirms hitting NOW…. Hang in THERE…Text #1: reval warning!! The meeting of meetings underway now, rates live on bk screens at last, need “ok” to tellers yet then all good! Text #2: reval warning ii, can’t share rates yet, but great numbers! Vnd is incl too.

3-1-2013 Intel Guru SteveI Once it is passed our guys will call us regardless of our time and share the news. With this being said, pray for the best and prepare for the worst. With all of the pressure from citizens, I just cannot see how they will not follow thru this time. Major consequences will follow if they do not. The parliament will be meeting Saturday but they will be voting and passing other laws, just not the 2013 budget. So, this was the huge news I have been waiting for. Now I am excited beyond belief.

3-1-2013 Intel Guru SteveI It brings me great pleasure that we have received word from our contacts in Iraq that the 2013 Federal Budget will be voted on Monday. The reason you are seeing Saturday and some articles are reporting Monday is that the Kurds wanted to do this Saturday but the other blocs wanted to wait until Monday. Go figure. According to our sources, all blocs, and I repeat all blocs, Maliki, Allawi, Kurds, etc. are all on the same page now and all differences have been worked out, therefore as it stands now, the vote is on for Monday (Iraq’s Monday not our).

3-1-2013 Newshound Guru Adam Montana The one thing they did NOT lose is their natural resources. While they are working to restabilize their government and society in general, the value of their currency has remained at a low level… in fact, TOO low in many of our opinions. Obviously there is no guarantee that it will ever get back to the previous rate, but I believe it will. That’s why I’m here speculating on it.

3-1-2013 Newshound Guru Adam Montana [An article stated that in modern times the biggest overnight RV of a currency was 35% or so. If the dinar RVed to even a .10 rate, that would be an approximate 10,000% increase if my math is right. Would an overnight RV of this magnitude be possible? Plus imagine the chaos at the banks as thousands rushed to cash in. Would it be more likely that the dinar become tradeable at or just higher than the present rate and be allowed to float upwards towards the .10 (or hopefully higher) rate over time?] Of course it is possible. It may be more likely that it would simply grow slowly over time (such as may happen if they raise the rate to 1000:1 later this year as they have mentioned a few times), but it’s also important to remember that they LOST the same percentage of value on their currency when Saddam was removed.