Ahmed Faizullah: the need to draw on the expertise of international banks to support the banking sector

Deputy Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Kurdistan blocs Coalition MP Ahmad Faizullah, the Central Bank talks with international banks to operate in Iraq as it would facilitate the process of foreign currency transfers and develop the banking sector.

He said Faizullah (News Agency): global banks have sophisticated banking experience upon entering the Iraqi banking sector will support the environment through the use of technological expertise, in addition to those banks also benefit from Iraq which have mutual interests.

He added: the Central Bank initiative to discuss with the World Bank to work in Iraq and will support the national economy, on the one hand to facilitate banking transactions and transfers of foreign currencies as well as contribute to the development of the investment process and other matters to which they relate.

He was the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq 13 search this February with a number of foreign banks ways to expand its work in Iraq.