The division of Iraq a joint US-Israeli scheme

The division of Iraq a joint US-Israeli scheme

Friday, March 1, 2013

Follow-up – and babysit – despite the fact that the project to divide Iraq project hot and common, but it was not of interest to the Iraqi public these years perhaps afflicted people problems more disturbing but once it began demonstrations Anbar following the arrest protection Rafie al-Issawi on terrorism charges began smell the project to divide Iraq smell in Prospects like the smell of chemical shell perfume apples but deadly.
Project to divide Iraq Old was running circles American, British and Israeli long time ago and advisers say Washington that the Arab region and the Islamic administrative side and the political are not entities established or long was the Ottoman Empire manages the region style States and based those States on the cities major central such as Baghdad, Cairo, Damascus and other did not There were countries they are one country, Ottomans inherited the name of Islam from the remnants of the Abbasid period and states that emerged on the ruins so did not originate in the social milieu of the region any country culture people did Aa meaning that there are many countries in the Muslim world.

During World War I held allied countries against Germany Conference Sykes-Picot in 1916 to divide the states of the Ottoman Empire, which stood in the war with Germany and thus grew up Iraq’s three provinces are Baghdad, Basra and Mosul to be a state with borders under British occupation and along with Iraq formed the same way more than 20 countries in the Arab region under occupation west and after Sykes-Picot one year came the Balfour Declaration British configure a Jewish homeland in Palestine and when State of Israel proclaimed in 1948 entered the Arab states surrounding Israel if apprehension and hostility and readying itself to pounce on that entity rapist intruder and since that time Israel began an theory security not sufficiency Bseix Pico region has seen the emergence of powerful countries such as Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Sudan threaten Israel’s security if led by governors loyal backing of their people as Israel fears superiority population of countries in the region and economic superiority resulting from oil revenues and the rapid shifts that may lead to change regimes in some capitals.

So began the theory of Israeli security focuses on the theme of fragmentation in the region to entities youngest on the basis of twelve to ensure Israel not to war against it in the end be a strong country surrounded by countries that small conflicting variety of conflicts border and petroleum, religious and ethnic West supportive of Israel as a global gathering of the Jews who were expelled Europe to insure wickedness Fawcdet them a homeland in Palestine in return to be their state this policeman area to protect the interests of the West, however, Israel feels that the United States and its allies can under certain circumstances to abandon their protection must therefore be the Zionists their project security, economic and political order forego the protection of others and summed up Israel’s plan in dealing with the region the following steps:

1 – Division of the countries surrounding Israel to small states, especially that Israel suffers from the demographic node resulting from overpopulation of the surrounding countries.

2 – Development of Israel’s economic capabilities, military and security and media to be in the lead.

3 – to dominate the economies of the countries of the region and make it a subsidiary of the Israeli economy.

4 – stir ethnic partitioning agents in the region away from Israel and geographically located within the area of the new Middle East or Big.

5 – Take Jerusalem the capital of Israel’s final religious Bermziha and tourism.

The plan requires Israel to get rid of the Palestinian people in many ways the most important search for alternative homeland documents were Israeli focused on making Jordan an alternative homeland for them, as well as melting generations new Palestinian in Israeli society immigrant that disappear Palestinian identity finally has made Israel a long way in this direction فحققت the following matters:

1 – earned all the wars waged against the complicity or lure or failure of the Arab rulers All wars Arabs with Israel in 1948 1967 1973 was wars losing created with the Arabs and the Muslim world node defeat and helped Israel to establish their presence and expansion and occupation of Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, the West Bank and the Sinai.

2 – established secret relations with the heads of most of the countries of the Middle East and interfered with the delivery of some of them to power.

3 – has achieved a kind of normalization with the Arabs and the Muslim world and has made its presence emergency a reality in the region.

4 – to distort any project liberally against Islamist participated in the development of alternative wave fake about any case of an Islamic renaissance unexpected calls for Israel’s destruction assisted Masonic circles to strengthen the Wahhabi sect and al-Qaeda terrorist organization.

The division of Iraq a central task in the Israeli security theory as well as in the future agenda of the United States in the Middle East during the reign of the only pole and the absence of the Soviet Union and the Asian Chinese axis preparedness to take out a competitor and can refer to the most important Israeli and U.S. documents to divide Iraq:

1 – in 1957 published a book titled (dagger Israel) to its author (t. K. Kranejia) are said to be former Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser is behind the idea for the book was provided to author documents leaked from the Israeli army and ensure the book outline Israel to divide Iraq to begin the formation of a Kurdish state division and separated and then deduct a Shiite mini-state.

2 – Year 1982 on February 14 magazine published (Kifonim), said Israel plans to divide Iraq, Syria and Iraq, the magazine considered more dangerous to Israel than the rest of the states and confirmed that the best way to tear it down is sparked bloody conflict between its components.

3 – In a visit to Washington in 1996 got Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on a project to divide Iraq adopted by Jewish neo-conservatives in the United States and then gave a detailed project to the Israeli leadership in 2000.

4 – The Israeli historian (Benny Morris) always calls for the division of Iraq after the invasion and alleges in his talks to Israeli and U.S. radio stations that Iraq is an artificial country made by the British and collected peoples do not want to live together, as he claimed intending thereby to divide the region after the First World War.

5 – The American Jewish historian origin (Bernard Lewis) reiterates the need for the division of Iraq is continuing and the unity of Iraq and stay united country historic mistake shouldered Britain must patch of splitting the country!.

6 – publishing center Stratfor studies in 2002 that the U.S. strategy long-range tracking U.S. invasion of Iraq is to divide the country into three separate areas Sunni area in the middle to join Jordan and Shiite area in the south to join Kuwait and the Kurdish region, including Mosul and Kirkuk.

7 – before the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, said the Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot that one of the goals of the invasion of Iraq Sunni provinces and deductible annexed to Jordan! Then repeated himself an Israeli expert on terrorism (Ehud Sebrenzak) in an interview with Russian television on 24/11/2002 he project formation (Hashemite Kingdom) and standing behind him (Dick Cheney) and (Paul Wolfowitz), as he put it.

8 – In the year 1973 presented engineer American politics (Henry Kissinger) projects renewed talk about the year 1983 includes the division of all the Arab countries on the basis of sectarian and ethnic and when Congress enacted in 1998 Act (the liberation of Iraq) to broach the subject strongly again and received the support of the extreme right.

9 – ground some observers believe that the insinuations first to divide Iraq began when the Security Council decided under American pressure zoning fly under the title protect Shiites and Kurds in the north and south in the nineties of the last century with a keen American media to establish a (protect the Kurds and Shiites).

10 – U.S. intelligence cia adopted before the invasion of Iraq a study by the University of Texas about tribal distribution in Iraq and search offers a vision of a partition of Iraq on the basis of ethnicity and the abolition of national unity once and for all.

11 – before the invasion of Iraq called for a law professor at the University of California and a researcher at the Institute (Antribraiz) Jewish (John Dew) in an article in the newspaper (Los Angeles Times) to accelerate the division of Iraq into three regions to put in line with previous projects.

13 – before the invasion of Iraq called Professor U.S. law and adviser in the White House (Alan Topol) in Website special U.S. Army to speed up the partitioning of Iraq, saying that the number of countries in the world currently 193 countries and there is no problem if they become 196 countries referring to 3 states resulting from the division of Iraq .

14 – Some observers believe that the sectarian and ethnic groups in the formation of the new Iraqi state after the year 2003 is to promote the division and established him was the possibility of the United States, a sponsor of the political process that established the principle of state citizenship rather than quotas.

15 – Project Biden, who introduced him to the U.S. Congress in 2007 and passed by the Senate as a plan is bound to divide Iraq into three regions and Biden was then a deputy of the State of Delaware and U.S. Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Senate and ran for the Democratic nomination for the presidential elections in 2008 and later became vice president and directly responsible for the Iraqi file.

16 – days before the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982 published Israeli military analyst Ze’ev Schiff in the Haaretz newspaper Israeli project to divide Iraq also put forward a document (Kifoim) earlier.

17 – Year 2003 published an Israeli expert (Leslie Gelb) an article titled (three states solution) in the (New York Times) U.S. explains his vision for the partition of Iraq.

18 – as Glebe threw himself a lecture at Egypt’s Alexandria University in 2003 which he explained the project to divide Iraq from the point of view of the presence of members of the Israeli ruling National Democratic Party in Egypt and director of the university and proposed to divide Iraq into 3 entities Kurdish Shiite and Sunni.

In the latest developments Iraqi political scene observed that obsessed division is dominated by some politicians who are conducting their contacts behind the scenes with international powers are still insisting on the project has been recognized some of them in private conversations that they met during the pilgrimage sponsored country with politicians Gulf and personalities Salafi and Muslim Brotherhood and officers Saddamists and former was talk about starting demonstrations in the western regions of the removal of the current Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki first and then make the western region incubator for terrorists takfiris and the remnants of al-Qaeda and the announcement of the so-called Iraqi army free to military action extends from north of Baghdad to the far north of Iraq.

The United States currently watching this scene must be red lines, but Washington wants to feel the Maliki government the real danger threatening to SEEKS by imposing upon conditions for the rescue, mainly cut ties with Iran and Syria or identified conditions U.S. because the United States found in Iraq and mediator excellent in talks with Iran and, if successful partnership U.S. with Maliki again may get a bonus form a majority government political later, but this development does not prevent the partition of Iraq, but strengthen the authority of the Dawa party in the middle Shiite only project to divide Iraq will not be through the bustle and violence as some observers believe, especially in Over the current Obama mandate because its motto withdrawal of U.S. troops from the conflict zones and the use of soft power, not war and violence to divide Iraq US-Israeli project affected strongest Shiite him because they would turn from a large federal state guaranteed them the democratic system to mini-state Taatnazaaha internal and external conflicts

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