The first Iraqi aircraft landing at the airport in Kuwait after 22 years

The first Iraqi aircraft landing at the airport in Kuwait after 22 years of interruption


Palm – The Ministry of Transport, on Wednesday, the arrival of the first Iraqi aircraft to Kuwait under the Ministers of Transport and Foreign Iraqis after a break of 22 years. adviser said Transport Minister Karim Nouri told media that “the first Iraqi aircraft arrived, today, to Kuwait after interruption lasted more than 22 years. ” added Nouri that “the plane carrying the Ministers of Transport Hadi al-Amiri and Hoshyar Zebari and a number of deputies and officials and Iraqi media professionals.” It is noteworthy that the British authorities detained, in (25 April 2010), an Iraqi aircraft coming from Baghdad to London after stop for flights between the two countries as long as 20 years, and was on board 30 passengers of Iraqis and foreigners, including former Transport Minister Amer Abdul-Jabbar and director of Iraqi Airways Kifah Hassan, who was detained by the judicial authorities British, because of a lawsuit Kuwaiti on damage to the aircraft by the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990, demanding payment of one billion and 200 million dollars for Kuwait Airways. demanded Kuwait Iraq since the invasion in 1990 to pay $ 1.2 billion, in compensation for seizing 17 aircraft owned Kuwait Airways, and has led this file to the political problems between Iraq and Kuwait Following the recent lawsuits against Iraqi Airways to freeze funds in Jordan and Britain early 2010, which led later to take the Iraqi cabinet decision in May of the same year, the liquidation and cancellation company and offered for sale to companies eligibility, also decided to also cancel all configurations Administrative associated with maintaining its staff after sold to a private company. announced Iraq’s Transport Ministry earlier, for dropping Kuwait all proceedings against Iraqi Airways, noting that the agreement is a new beginning a real Iraqi Airways to build a fleet of new air. Iraq seeks to develop its fleet of civil aircraft through contract with a number of foreign companies competent in the aircraft industry after its adoption previously Hire, where he signed in May 2008 in Baghdad, two first with Boeing to buy 40 aircraft, and the second with Bompardo Canadian, to buy ten aircraft, the Ministry of Finance showed that the total value of the two contracts amounted to five billion dollars.