Iraq is losing $ 27 million a day due to the late adoption of the budget

Differences between the Blocs postpone approval to next Monday

Decided Presidency of the Council of Representatives to postpone the hearing Council special budget to Monday because of the Contentious points on around them, in time, said the National Alliance that Iraq is losing daily $ 27 million due to the late adoption of the budget so far.Said a member of the Economic Committee and Investment Abdul Hussein Resan’s (Citizen): »that Iraq is losing a month more than trillion dinars due to delay increases in the budget that takes way natural».

added »that increases and delays in the exchange means a big loss every day as well as on assignments for grades career», explaining »said the delay also will make it investment projects either parked and either is delayed and this cost the country large losses as well ».

continued Yasiri »that delay Mozna for months will go assignments to the gates of unallocated because it did not put in the right place».

Council voted to reject the re-balancing of the federal financial to the government to modify. called Najafi parliamentary blocs to continue holding consultations to agree on the budget, pointing out that the political blocs failed to reach agreement, noting that the budget is not legally normal, which requires that there be a consensus on them.

chief parliamentary Finance Committee Haider Abadi, in a press conference held in the building Parliament in the presence of a number of deputies of the National Alliance «« Iraq is losing daily $ 27 million because of the delay in the adoption of the budget, stressing that «National Alliance Egypt on the adoption of the budget as soon as possible. Abadi pointed out that «the House of Representatives rejected the Proponents of the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance to re-draft budget to the government.

He explained that «the government can no longer raise the ceiling on the budget », indicating that« the provinces suffer from delayed adoption of the budget, the south in particular ». Between that «there are two problems out تعيقان vote on the budget, the first request of the Iraqi List transfers funds from allocations to the Ministry of Defense to budget development of regions.

He noted that the National Alliance rejected the proposal, on the grounds that Iraq is surrounded by a crisis and conflicts in the region, and there are attempts to destabilize the country’s security, especially since the Iraqi security services are running the security file since American exit.

He added that «the second problem centered on payments to oil companies operating in the Kurdistan region », indicating that« there enough money allocated in the budget to pay for the oil companies operating in the region ».

His part, said the secretary-general of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords, on Saturday, for (IMN) that «the Council of Ministers rejects additions that have occurred on the state budget that he sent to the House of Representatives ratifies». added that «the Council wanted to move the budget of existing and not exposed to further discussions and changes that take a lot of time». pointed out that «the Council of Ministers has the time more important than agreement on the details can be processed after approving the budget in its current form».

The House of Representatives has decided on Saturday after holding its regular chaired House Speaker Osama Nujaifi to lift the parliamentary session to a one-hour break after the rejection of the National Alliance unanimously request made by the members of the Iraqi List and the Kurds return of the financial budget to the government.