America and Iraq are seeking to create a favorable environment for business

Inaugurated the US Embassy in Baghdad through the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and in cooperation with the Iraqi government and private sector representatives, the second phase of the project solutions Iraqi administrative reform and regulatory {} insistence on Nahrain University.

The statement said the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad said Tuesday that “The inauguration ceremony was attended by Thamer Ghadban Chairman adviser to the prime minister, and Thomas Stahl, Director of the Office of the U.S. Agency for International Development in Iraq.”

“The project seeks to create a diversified and competitive economy in Iraq is working to attract investment and create jobs by Streamlining and abolish regulations that hinder the movement of economic growth, especially in the areas of establishing companies and issuing building permits, import and export. “

He noted that the “Mission Director US Agency for International Development Thomas Stahl stressed the importance of the project by saying that what we see here today is an important step on the road to cooperation between the United States and Iraq in order to help Iraq to create a favorable environment for business that facilitates private sector economic growth and working to create jobs. “

Ghadban said on this occasion that “the proposed {} insistence is a Nationalist and all efforts must be made to ensure its success, and this success will lead to raise the profile of the Iraqi economy in the world. “

The draft {insistence} has made the first package of recommendations in December amounted to 133 recommendation specialized aims to Simplify procedures for establishing business in Iraq, which in turn lead to improving the status of Iraq in the World Bank report on business, and will lead the recommendations made by the project to reduce the time required for company registration process from 74 days to four days, The Ministry of Commerce implemented a number of recommendations made by the project, as has canceled some unnecessary regulations, and expects the project to spare the Iraqi economy more than a billion dollars over the next five years in the event of the implementation of all recommendations, The project is part of efforts by the US Embassy to help Iraq to increase economic opportunity and prosperity as the contents of the strategic framework agreement.