Parliamentary economy rejects U.S. request excluding companies from certain paragraphs of the Investment Law

Committee rejected the economy and investment parliamentary Monday, a U.S. request made to the Iraqi government in order to exclude companies from certain paragraphs investment law.

said committee member Abdul Abbas Xiaa told the future of Iraq that “the investment law is the law of a sovereign does not accept exceptions which apply to all companies investing both U.S. was or other companies, “indicating that” U.S. demand is unreasonable and unacceptable to could give the government an exception to the law without the consent of the House of Representatives. “

and added that “the problem is not in the law, but to apply the law therefore call on the government to reduce revenue and to reduce bureaucracy and provide Aitar legal easy so that investors can come to Iraq and investment. “

Ivmr USAID demanded the Iraqi Investment Authority, to issue instructions to exclude U.S. companies wishing to invest in Iraq of complex procedures in the registry and land grants.