Unlike the disruption of public life … Billion in losses the convening of Iraq Summit

26-03-2012 03:54 PM
Detect Iraqi Federation of Industries on Sunday for visa economic losses through the allocation of the Maliki government a sum of one billion dollars to the Arab Summit to be held this weekend in Baghdad, while giving buyers the doors to spend the said amount, which promise more than the need of the Iraqi economy. 
and.. attributed the news to the President of the Federation of Industries Iraqi firm Atraqchi saying that expenditures government in preparation for the Arab summit conference approached billion dollars, while the economic benefits desired may be worth nothing to lose Iraq every day, as well as the loss on the economic level due to disruption for 10 or 15 days. 
is scheduled to be held Arab summit in Baghdad in the 29 of March, to be preceded by two days meeting of the Ministers of Economy Arabs and one day meeting of Arab foreign ministers. 
He Atraqchi it was possible to import two power plants in this amount, each station generates 1000 megawatts, it can be exploitation to supplement the system of electricity or running plants the private sector. 
He explained that it was possible to also use one billion dollars to eliminate the fuel crisis in the country through import 10 ranks of small, every refinery costing $ 30 million, and filter the oil very high, and is ready for installation and work very quickly. 
and Atraqchi the biggest loser will be people with limited income who rely on their daily because of the process of diverting them to their income without any financial returns, as well as a result of the disruption of daily life. 
It is worth mentioning that the members of the current parliament revealed earlier that one of the Arab heads of state of African required to attend the summit through the plane at the expense of Iraq , and the government of Maliki’s missing is the legitimate and agreed that, while A member of the so-called ‘Finance Committee’ parliamentary Hassan Auzmn that his committee scrutinize all expenses of the summit after the completion of the contract?!!, as he put it. 
According to parliamentary sources also that Iraq has spent more than a billion and a quarter billion dollars during 2011 and 2012 in preparation for the Arab summit only?!!. 
and distributed these funds to maintain the hotel the President and the streets near the venue of the meeting of Arab leaders in the so-called ‘Green Zone’ in central Baghdad?!!. 
The member of ‘Finance Committee’ parliamentary Faleh applicable to financial allocations for the summit entrusted to each of the ‘Municipality of Baghdad’ and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.