British newspaper reveals the presence of a Zionist intelligence in northern Iraq to conduct operations against Iran

Tuesday 27 March 2012

Follow-up – and babysit –revealed Britain’s Sunday Times that Israel had finally established a secret intelligence unit in northern Iraq, a unit that is their covert operations in Iran is very specifically.

The paper disclosed that the British Israeli agents in this unit secret intelligence they wear clothes Iranian military and speak Farsi fluently, and are taking.. the opportunity to border weak between Iraq, Iran, and they infiltrated some nuclear sites, the task, taking advantage of their language Iranian distinctive, and most importantly of all, the existence of the identities of Iranian fake them .

However, the most serious revealed by the paper is that Israeli agents are at the same time exploiting their features Iranian and infiltrating some of the Iranian nuclear reactors in order to spy upon, the word is extremely dangerous, especially as access to the premises of nuclear facilities is dangerous and difficult, and therefore the adoption of daily weight The Sunday Times, this information confirms that there are secrets that have not been disclosed yet on this issue, and the most dangerous of all this, there are a lot of things and covert operations undertaken by intelligence in order to gain security in Iran is not known a thing. In addition to this, it is clear that the Israeli intelligence and arms on the affairs of Iran by pursuing a policy of Arabists in dealing with the Iranian threat, in the sense that Israel was planting a lot of the occupied territories, whether in the West Bank or Jerusalem or the Golan men of intelligence, undercover officers have, and the pick always men with the features and Arabic language and culture and they know Palmstarbin, and it seems that this policy is applied now with Iran, which revealed the newspaper report in English.

M. J