Call for Obama to recognize the assassination of al-Awlaki

Call for Obama to recognize the assassination of al-Awlaki


Palm – called the American writer David Cole President Barack Obama to recognize the assassination of the leader of the al-Qaeda American nationality Yemeni origin Anwar al-Awlaki, and wondered whether the Obama administration was involved in the killing of one of its citizens?.

Cole said in the newspaper “Washington Post”: “There are a lot of problems Obama policy of murder against targets in the context of countering terrorism.”

He added: The repercussions of these policies remain mostly under cover of secrecy and away from the corridors of justice, though they cause the deaths of innocent civilians, and said that killing distance away from the fields of war became an obsession create resentment among the peoples of the earth against the American nation, which in turn is no longer take more hatred.

He pointed to the return to the assassination of al-Awlaki still excited in the corridors of the U.S. Justice Department, Kohl questioned the legitimacy of the Obama administration’s use of U.S. drones in the assassination of U.S. citizens in their own right? Adding that the government refuses to recognize so doing until after the fact on the ground.

He also asked about the extent to which Americans enjoy freedom, and despite the fact that their government has the authority to be able to kill them in secret, and said: How can the sovereign authority to be accountable to the people if they refuse to recognize their actions?

The student writer should citizens enjoy their rights and the right to litigation and habeas corpus alike, and to the need to recognize the Obama administration to kill her Awlaki, who spent the operation carried out by U.S. drones targeted a procession featuring Awlaki and three of his companions on September 30 2011 in a desert area Marib Governorate east of Sanaa.