Soon .. “Iraqi List” without Najafi and Allawi?!!

Soon .. “Iraqi List” without Najafi and Allawi?!!


Palm – Sources prestigious within the coalition, Iraqi demonstrations western region and put leaders main coalition (Iraqi) in the wind, as alluded to the possibility of the withdrawal of existing leader Iyad Allawi entirely because of the atmosphere that hung over the climate and speech some deputies and the way it manages its existing dispute government and political.

Sources, indicated the determination of the Iraqi List withdraw confidence from the parliament speaker Osama al-Nujaifi, pointing out that the latter started out on the course list and said that the subject of withdrawal of confidence from the leader of the Iraqi List, Osama Nujaifi Matrouh strongly, adding that the Iraqi troops started dialogue other blocks on this topic .

The sources added that the reasons that prompted the menu to withdraw confidence from the Najafi is staying away from the chart that are going well in dealing with the Iraqi demonstrations as well as it began to pull the rug from under the head of the list of Iyad Allawi.

And confirmed that Najafi began directly affects the influence of existing and cohesion, pointing out that the lack of withdrawal from the meetings of the Council of Representatives, as did ministers existing weaker position as well as the rebellion of some ministers due to the withdrawal of Najafi from the government, sources confirmed that the resignations lot of ministers of the Iraqi government stalled Najafi’s resignation or withdrawal of confidence with him.

Sources believe that the (Iraqi) may take a decision within the next few hours a decree providing House Speaker Osama Nujaifi his resignation from the presidency to join the (his) deputies and ministers who commented participation and attendance in government and the Council on the basis of selling out at the disposal of the demonstrations taking place in the western region in a calculated decision, as sources say, so to Aashab rug from under the feet of the House of Representatives and political figures in the Iraqi List, and to be a part of the popular movement and political clout in Western demonstrations.

Meanwhile, the deputy in the Iraqi Minister Iyad Allawi may withdraw from Iraq because of the atmosphere (sectarian), which controls the climate and speech some deputies and the way it manages its existing atmosphere dispute the government and the political and mechanisms followed by part of the menu in revolutionizing the street opposite the mechanisms that believes in the Allawi approved the project of changing the existing political equation as it does not believe Allawi to bring down the system as much as faith in the change that comes over the sacking of Maliki The will of the National Alliance or the consensus in parliament Kurdish Shiite-Sunni Arab in the House of Representatives leads to withdraw confidence from the Maliki and his government!.