Newspaper: Iraq is trying to take advantage of the Arab summit to stand on his feet

27/03/2012 14:05

Beirut, March 27 / March 2012 (AKnews) – addressed the newspaper “The Wall Street Journal” U.S. efforts made ​​by Iraq in order to host the Arab summit, which is the main conference to be held since the beginning of the “Arab spring” in the region, noting that Iraq was trying to stand on his feet the center of regional conflict based. In a report written by journalist Sam Dagher, considered the American newspaper that the Iraqi government is making.. great efforts to provide comfort to the leaders and Arab officials participating in the summit. The newspaper pointed out that the government is making efforts, especially in order to create an atmosphere of dialogue series with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait and other countries wary of Iranian influence in Iraq, or are still dissatisfied with the conflicts and files back to the era of former President Saddam Hussein. also noted American newspaper that Iraq has spent about one billion dollars to secure the capital Baghdad, which has long suffered from conflict, as had been planted about three million seedlings Flowers and a half million trees. She said the Baghdad airport will close in front of civilian flights will also be published about one hundred thousand element of the army and police to guard the Arab delegations visiting, especially after the wave of bombings that Iraq witnessed recently announced by the “Al Qaeda” claimed responsibility. and to the by the plastic surgery capital, newspaper pointed out that the Iraqi government is determined to exploit appropriate for the objectives of the biggest is to make Iraq closer to the Arab world and the ease rising competition among Iraq’s neighbors, Turkey and Iran, which are trying to fill the vacuum left by an American military withdrawal from Iraq in of 2011. The newspaper pointed out n the government of Nouri al-Maliki fears that cause the growing influence of Iran and Turkey to exacerbate sectarian tensions that undermine Iraq’s stability, the stability of his government and pay Iraqi provinces to the quest for self-rule away from the central government in Baghdad. The newspaper said the statement by Minister of Foreign Affairs Hoshyar Zebari that “this summit will strengthen our position to stand on our feet … These two neighbors (Turkey and Iran) are competing to fill the void in the absence of a strong Iraqi government, national, and unifying.” Khalil Khalil, the Open: Fadi Zeidan