The New York Times: With the summit Iraq is seeking to improve its image

27/03/2012 15:35

Arbil, March 27 (Rn) – New York Times reported the U.S. that while meets Arab leaders in Baghdad for a historic summit this week, Iraq is trying to bring out another picture of a beautiful front of his guests will be treated within the profiles have been carefully selected from the new Iraq: From Red Hat Hotels bright and palaces that have been refurbished and palm trees, small adorn the Airport Highway, which was.. called in one day the “Highway of Death.” The newspaper added that “Over the next few days in Baghdad, will meet the leaders of the summit at the presidential palace,” Previous “, one of many government buildings and hotels that have been processed chandeliers new, marble and wood polished, and decorated gilt and others aspire Iraq to look like her. She “has spent the government also millions to re-deploy thousands of security forces in the capital and the provision of transport and accommodation for thousands of diplomats and leaders and journalists, after it bought the 2000 and 2000, a suit with tie badge Summit .. And the provision of 600 cars which spent $ 600,000 on stationery and a million dollars on flowers. ” and criticized the paper, saying that “the preparations at the time and very costly to the top of Baghdad, including the facilities and large-scale, landscape and security measures, attest strongly the available capacity to do any work required. Human resources are available, as well as financial readily available to do all that is required, that he wanted to accomplish any work to be done. ” She said, “five hundred million (half a billion, dollars spent on these preparations. have been through most of the work within months 12 years. ” and change course, saying “Imagine if the application of the same voltage or something like over the months, 60 years (5 years) to provide electricity and clean water to every house in every part of Iraq. As had been done yesterday. will probably be the highest value to Baghdad summit to be a guide to the inherent capabilities of Iraq. this in Baghdad. either in the Kurdistan region Vakaddrat clear on all of its territory. Iraqi Kurdistan has a different leadership, and a different approach from Baghdad.