Difficult to forge …. Iraq’s new currency will include the Kurdish language

25-03-2012 12:13 PM

Said the decision of the Economic Commission representative in the Iraqi parliament on Saturday, said the new Iraqi currency will of the Kurdish language alongside Arabic and English, as well as photographs of the archaeological features of Kurdistan. said Mahma Khalil that the ‘restructuring of the Iraqi currency and delete zeros of the three of them would give them economic advantages task’, adding that.. he ‘has been agreed with four foreign companies a giant re-printing the new currency after deletion of zeros of the three of them early next year.’ He noted that ‘the new currency will be paper and metal, paper groups include 200 dinars 0.100 dinars, 50 JD 10, JD, and five JD ‘..He continued ‘The metal will include the categories 2 dinars, one dinar, half dinar, 250 fils a quarter of a dinar. ” According to Khalil, it ‘would be difficult to counterfeit or falsify the new currency, to be printed because it enabled a very sensitive’ .. Indicating that the ‘paper currencies will be resistant and fortified against damage fast.’ He noted that ‘the new currency will be charged three languages, Arabic and Kurdish as well as English as a universal language’, noting that ‘currencies will include pictures of the sites a civilized and relics of various parts of the country, including the parameters archaeological and tourist of the Kurdistan region ‘.