Parliament will vote next Tuesday on the budget 2013

parliamentary Financial Committee confirmed its readiness to offer federal financial budget for 2013 on votes in next Tuesday’s meeting.

The Committee Member said attorney Abdul Hussein Al-yasiri told {Euphrates news} on Thursday that “the Commission completed all discussions on the budget in detail and remained to be voted on.”

The Committee requested the Chair of the Parliament session next Tuesday to vote on the budget “.

“All objections were discussed and suggestions made by the political blocs on the budget items and paragraphs and finally IAC meeting early next week to resolve all problems related to budget and it will be ready next week.”

He feared that “the crisis between the country’s political blocs and the Parliament withdrawals cast a shadow over the adoption of the budget on time.”

The country’s large losses incurred due to the delay in approving the budget and the wishes of the political blocs and promised her agreements prevented approval, as well as not to include the Government of some important draft laws under budget, especially those made by the national forces on citizen priorities and concerns and aspirations and all that would improve the standard of living and level of service, and of these important laws {common retirement and grant students} which serve two important segments of society, in addition to the law {Basra Iraq economic capital} with Considerable economic returns and achieve a qualitative leap in the country’s economy