Baghdad, the Kurdistan Regional Government threatens to halt oil exports

Monday, March 26, 2012 16:53

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. threatened the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Monday, to halt oil exports if Baghdad did not pay dues of production companies. She and the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Government of the Territory in a statement released today, and received / Baghdadiya News / copy it, that “the provincial government has stopped oil exports in the north, in the event of continued detention of the government in Baghdad payments due to the oil-producing companies.”

The statement added that “production costs and.. high investment for that production companies must do in the region, indicating that” the Ministry of Natural Resources has decided to cut exports to 50 thousand barrels a day. “

The statement warned of “taking the provincial government’s decision to halt exports in full within a month in the absence of payments.”

The Iraqi Oil Ministry warned last week of heavy losses in the public treasury of the state due to reduced KRG oil exports, but pointed out that the Government of the Territory is currently exporting 65 thousand barrels per day, asking them to fulfill their commitments made by the export of 175 thousand barrels per day and that is developed on the basis of the general budget of the country in 2012, / End / 21.