Trap arbitrator appoint him Nujaifi for ministers and deputy coalition in Iraq .. Withdraw

Trap arbitrator appoint him Nujaifi for ministers and deputy coalition in Iraq .. Withdraw and he remains in office?!!


Palm – indicated leaks quoted the tongue of one of the leaders of the Iraqi List, Osama Nujaifi Parliament Speaker set a trap for the coalition in Iraq through the legacy and its ministers and deputies withdraw from the government and parliament meetings alone while he remained in office did not withdraw.

The leader of the Iraqi that there is a trap intended doctoring political positions for personal interests, through partial solidarity with the demonstrators and inciting others to positions not necessary Najafi himself, Vittorton them, and invest is the dilemma .. Valaracah decided to withdraw from the House of Representatives and the Minister “to pay Osama Nujaifi” conditioned the implementation of the demands of the protesters to return Bnoabha and ministers to the House of Representatives and the Minister while instigator continued in office.

The source adds that the act Nujaifi reflects Altoah in the deal even with their closest political to him, which means that the position dearest altitude Ganab Musharraf’s position according to the recipe .. But push guys list unless he goes to him.

Political observers believe that Nujaifi leg of the Iraqi List, the boycott did not interrupt his post; make a rational view of good, and his brothers in the list Mrahqgua policy advise not Antsahon and invite them to the straight path not respond.

He adds one of the observers in a statement to Iraq law: If only the Iraqi List, mindful of the spirit of Alastgval exercised by Najafi on his comrades; Vtelzmh one الانسحابين, either their withdrawal from the House of Representatives or a declaration to withdraw from the (Iraqi); for that does not seem to men the Iraqi List, dupes, and it seems Osama Najafi intelligent because he maintained his position on the pretext of neutrality as the head of each People’s Congress which justify Mthavt fall strongly against the the fateful dangerous situation experienced by Iraq today and also not correct with the simplest principles and national values and moral.