Economic Commission: tariff system will enter Iraq to the World Trade Organization

On: Sun 03/25/2012 6:34

 Baghdad / term 
of the Committee confirmed the economy and investment representative, last Friday, that the application of tariff Iraq regime will enter into the World Trade Organization, noting that the government is obliged to take action to protect the economy and lack of high prices.
The Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi, announced last week, the identification of the first of next June as the date for the work of system tariffs in Iraq after being postponed twice, “stressing that” ..this time can not be deferred work it. ” 
said the Commission’s decision Mahma Khalil told the Kurdish News (Rn) that “Iraq is willing to apply the system of tariffs, especially after the introduction of amendments, and will be implemented in June next.” 
and added that “The government is bound by its obligations to protect the economy and the consumer of Iraq and support the agricultural sector and industry to promote the local product,” noting “The working tariff will limit the entry of goods of poor origin and contribute to the support went to bring Iraq into the World Trade Organization.” 
and gives the Tariff Act of the Council of Ministers upon the request of the Minister of Finance amend the customs duty provided for in the table of tariffs customs duties and agricultural calendar attached to this law in urgent circumstances to the need for economic and monetary warrant to take protective measures or treatment. 
and Khalil, “The Economic Commission submitted a proposal calling for the allocation of amounts of customs tariffs for the Fund to support farmers and industrialists Iraqis in order to enhance the level of the local product.” 
in the context of relevant criticized the Customs Directorate Iraqi general overlapping jurisdictions between the agencies responsible for border ports of Iraq, noting that the multiplicity of agencies in the ports confuses the work due to trying everyone to impose control. 
said Customs Director General Munther Abdel Amir’s (Rn) that “by virtue of the security situation in Iraq after the withdrawal of U.S. troops see that there is a presence for all the security services or be represented at the border crossing points to provide protection. ” 
and The National Security Agency and the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Defense and the intelligence service as well as the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Trade is responsible for overseeing and protecting the border crossing points in Iraq. 
He added that “the multiplicity of security agencies cause not to adjust the rhythm of work and movement in these ports, “and urged” the Council of Ministers and National Security to issue a list of instructions mechanisms governing the work and describes the limits of functions and powers. ” 
The Customs Authority announced earlier in the control of some tribes in the provinces on the border crossing points, which facilitates the smuggling operations and the reluctance of some staff of the Commission to work in those ports. 
linked Iraq with neighboring countries through 13 outlets border, in addition to five outlets air and five other freely. 
Iraq imports large quantities of canned food, soft drinks, meat and vegetable oils and cheeses, as well as household items, electrical appliances, from Arab and foreign countries such as Syria, Egypt, Iran and China.