Deputy: differences between Baghdad and Erbil will continue due to the lack of oil and gas law

Baghdad (news) .. Attributed a member of the Oil and Energy Committee MP / mass change Kurdish / Bayazid Hassan, why continuing political differences between the governments of Arbil and Baghdad not to the enactment of the oil and gas, adding that all the committees on legislation law has not come to an agreement about passing a drafts for a vote.

Hassan said (of the Agency news): There are three committees formed in the House of Representatives for the purpose of amending draft law of oil and gas and pass one of them to the House of Representatives for a vote, but so far has not come to an agreement about passing one of the drafts.

He added: that the political differences between the federal and Kurdish governments concerning regarding the extraction and exploration of oil, the absence of legislation the law of oil and gas mean differences continue between the Governments of Arbil and Baghdad.

He advised MP Hassan: pass the draft law for the year (2007) because they received support from all parliamentary blocs, including the Kurdish to end all disputes between the federal government and local governments for the province and oil-producing provinces.