Saleh’s Long visit him after his release .. favor: the central bank is going the same way which they were arrested

In a modest house in Baghdad dwell economic thinker and Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the article the appearance of Mohammed Saleh al-Mutlaq just released on bail after being accused of financial and administrative corruption.

48-day stint in favor of the camp, which does not differentiate between the thinker and the offender and the beggar despite exceeding the 60 years of age and deteriorating physical and mental health, long visited the appearance of Dr. Mohammed Saleh, his home and conducted a dialogue with him in the presence of close friends.

Must not favor most of the questions he answered sometimes silent and other word resolve all questions about the circumstances of his arrest (God and yes agent).

And the reasons for the charge made against him answered in favor of “the central bank seeks to maintain the exchange rate of the dollar in the market so we sold large quantities of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar to remain value of the dinar balanced Some officials considered this a waste of public money, while the Central Bank Law is currency instability is a waste of public money, how can solve two problems at one time Vtkulail volume of dollar liquidity in the market will raise the prices of goods and foodstuffs.

Regarding the work of the Central Bank at present between Saleh “They work in the same way which they were arrested.”

When asked economic orientation Iraq, Saleh said “a thorny topic in the country’s strong rentier components at a time moving toward liberalism and openness of the market is very large and this is a very early development is not suitable for the conditions of the country, which has suffered over 30 years of wars and internal conflicts.

“This collision between liberalism and the central system rentier latest battles incomprehensible problem composition of the Iraqi economy in general because foreign currency intervention for the country through the oil resources and translate the expenses of the budget and then we walk a system of free liberal and this does not fit the reality.”

He continued in favor of “the issue needed to evaluate the economic situation is not Iraq in general under the current circumstances experienced by the country and suggested the establishment of an institution for financing and follow-up private sector trade so that the central bank away from the intervention policy as trade and the institution coordination between fiscal and monetary policies and trade and I hope the government should well considering the proposal to eliminate a lot of controversy. “

Saleh asked; out money in Iraq is moving freely, there is no answer, because the Central Bank Law, banks shows full economic freedom and this is not consistent within the rentier economy.

Saleh called those responsible not to confuse the wrong economic policies and the integrity of persons. Government authorities have launched yesterday evening released Dr. deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh on corruption charges.

And encountered Iraqi efficiencies in various disciplines appeal for the release of the deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, a claim quickly released and the completion of the Public judiciary and not leave him in prison, and his rehabilitation compensation for “significant abuse in their right.”