Talabani: his health improving, but treatment will be long and the president remains in office

Chairman of the processor to Talabani: his health improving, but treatment will be long and the president remains in office according to the laws in force


Palm – Dr. Necmettin cream, a specialist wholesale neurological and head medical team who oversaw the treatment of Iraqi President Jalal Talabani even transferred to a hospital in Germany, that the health of Talabani constantly improving and it started to move and speak with around and respond to the questions directed to him.

Karim added during a media statement that President Talabani out of the intensive care unit two weeks ago and carried him exercises to improve his walking, pointing out that his health is progressing better than we expected.

And Kareem, a leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, led by Talabani, to talk about the President’s return to Iraq is still early so long will the treatment period and by the views and reports German doctors in the hospital, the President will recover, God willing.

On the subject of the presidency of the republic and whether return of President Talabani to exercise its functions after treatment, said Karim this topic is important to us, what is important is the return of Mam Jalal safely to his country and his family and his people and his party and expressed his belief that the development of the office of President will remain as it is As long as the President is alive he is the President of the Republic until the end of the current legislative session, which left them a lot, which is his second term as president of the Republic where they will not run for a third cycle.

Regarding the situation in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and his leadership, confirmed cream that put Union fine and as Mam Jalal unites us constantly during his stay in Iraq, the absence for treatment in Germany alone are stronger, we still go to work on a right guidance and steps, pointing out that Rasool Deputy Secretary-General National Union is presiding at meetings of the Political Bureau of the Union in the presence of all members of the Politburo.

For his part, denied senior party leader Talabani to be the party, the Iraqi parliament or the government may think about the nomination of a replacement for President Talabani, stressing that any party in Iraq, did not address this topic.

The leading figure, who preferred not to be named, saying the «Middle East» by telephone from Arbil that Mam Jalal is the President of the Republic by the Iraqi Constitution, and all the rumors of news about the nomination of names for the post of President of the Republic or the Secretary-General of the National Union is nonsense and devoid of fitness and taste, Fmam Jalal alive and, God willing, return to Iraq unscathed.

The legal expert Tareq Harb has explained that Talabani and by the Iraqi constitution is still president of the republic, pointing out that the Iraqi constitution says: Select president of the republic during or after 30 days from the vacancy of the office of President, In the present case did not prejudice the position of president but that the president remains He has inspired sick leave if any member in the state.

The war added, there were no medical reports confirm the inability of the President of the Republic, and I mean in general I do not mean President Talabani, to perform his duties, the position remains as it is and remains Mr. Talabani, President of the Republic.