Banking expert: the need to develop a scientific and well thought out plan for the development of banking

On: Sun 03/25/2012 8:25

Baghdad (news) .. Called for a banking expert Mohsen Ali to the need to find a new action plan scientific and well thought out for the advancement of the banks and development, stressing that the banking policy in Iraq is clear and need to reconsider it. 
Ali (of the Agency news): The indicators of scientific and the results of banking business, all indicate that the Iraqi banks need an urgent and.. necessary to find a new action plan in line with the development of technological talk, in order to develop the work of Iraqi banks and the advancement of their betterment, whether governmental or private. 
He added that the banking policy currently followed in Iraqi banks is not clear and need to reconsider many of its actions conflicting, being lead to loss of time, effort, and to freeze the money in the banks without investment, believing it (banking sector) as the beating heart of every economic system in the world, because of its role in the financing of all investment projects in the country, but Iraq will not be exploited to promote the reality of economic and investment to the country. 
The expert banking: the need for equality between Iraqi banks (government and private) and the tightening-up and control the work of banks and the money possessed by the fact that the data indicate that there is a financial surplus large banks suspended, and untapped. / Finished / 8. n.