Iraq calls to make the Middle East a zone free of nuclear weapons

Baghdad morning called on Iraq to make the Middle East a zone free of nuclear weapons, asserting the right of peoples to possess nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

came in a speech Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, the parliamentary Sheikh Hamoudi told the conference eighth councils countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Khartoum yesterday.

He explained that the «true expression of parliaments suit by the embodiment of Representatives of free will of their constituents and the ability of parliaments to build a political system and governments realize the hopes of peoples and their aspirations to a decent life safeguarded human freedom and kept his dignity».

adding that «the Muslim world is facing major challenges in the forefront of extremism and governance as religion and terrorism and atonement and poverty ». expressed Hamoudi concern what is happening in Syria from shedding Muharram of blood and displacement scary for families, individuals and living in harsh conditions on the borders of neighboring countries have, calling for« impartiality and say right away Syria beloved for the danger that wraps around her neck ».

and sidelines of the conference, Prime Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee with the Kuwaiti National Assembly Speaker Ali Fahad Al-Rashed, the prospects of bilateral relations between Iraq and Kuwait and ways of developing them.

Hamoudi said that «the relationship Iraq – Kuwait witnessed positive developments resulted in the end the outstanding issues between the two countries, expressing hope to see relations between the two countries further progress in the next phase. For his part, Chairman of the Kuwaiti National Assembly that «Kuwait and Iraq are seeking to turn the page on the past and to develop and strengthen their bilateral relations.